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Bridging the Gender Gap in workplaces

by Jack Smith

There is no doubt that women are paid less compared to men, even if the work done by both of them is the same whether the occupation can be steady, well-paying, or high-skilled. Most of the women work in casual and emotional jobs like agriculture, and domestic help but are always underpaid compared to men.

In an interview, S Gurdeep Singh founder of the jujhar group addressed the media about the gender gap. This group is a company that focuses on providing services in multidimensional sectors over the last three decades including hospitality, infrastructure, broadband, logistics, media, news, channels, and many more. This group is consistently working hard to provide world-class amenities to people. Mr. Singh is working hard to take this group to new heights with his expertise and leadership qualities to fulfill his ambitions. 

He further added, that according to the new Gartner poll the workforce of women will rise to 41% in 2021 from 39% which was in 2020. Nowadays, women are so ambitious and skilled that they will occupy 15% of executive-level posts in the next few years. 

HR should also think about empowering women by having a look at some important steps:

  • Make a workspace that gives equal rights to all genders.

Test the steps that you are taking and make a courageous decision to shift to gender awareness rather than to promote gender neutrality. Mr. S Gurdeep Singh added whenever there is an event of sexual harassment, at least provide an emotional aid to the woman to protect her fundamental rights. Motivate women to apply to higher-level jobs inside the company by highlighting impartiality and distinction at every possible level. Break down all the hurdles which don’t allow women to have opportunities in certain jobs that are male-dominated. Women are capable of managing busy schedules and performing tasks with great efficiency that most men cannot do. In fields related to development and research, the jujhar group is appointing women and encouraging other companies to appoint women in this male-dominated sector.

  • Create an equal-opportunity employment policy:

Use new technologies like artificial intelligence, neural network, and data science to remove and eliminate the bias which is caused to caste, gender, and other variables. Always hire an individual depending upon his/her skills and other credentials that are necessary for that job. Many studies have revealed that if the gender of any person is not known that women have a greater chance of getting hired based on their credentials. 

  • Make a strategy for specialized training:

It is recorded that male employees always get training on how to command and work efficiently and effectively with their female fellow workers. 

  • Remove any roadblocks to advancement:

The development and promotion of female employees are always hindered because of some institutional and cultural barriers. Moreover, in most famous and reputed companies, this type of discriminatory behavior is common. Companies should make policies that should be fair and that are unbiased based on gender. Allowing women to work in high-profile jobs can help companies to remove this injustice. It is not only HR’s responsibility to bridge the gap between men and women and to preserve fair practices in the gender gap. Moreover, it is everyone’s authority to put humanity at the front line of the workplace.

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