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British Shorthair – Aspects That Set Him Apart from The Rest

by Naveen Agarwal
British Shorthair

One of the most ancient breeds of felines, which is also one of the most popular ones in many households in the UK is the British Shorthair cat. Known as the “traditional British cat”, or the “British Blue”, click here to find out more. It has distinct characteristics that set him apart from any other feline in the world.

We take a look at this car, its history and a guide for pet owners who are considering adopting one of these beauties.

History of The British Shorthair

Many kinds of literature on cat’s state that this particular kitten has been around for as long as the 1st century AD, and is one of the most ancient ones around. They were said to be brought into the country by the Romans who bred them to catch insects, mice and snakes.

Over time they changed their appearance from the original versions into a more robust feline that could stand the extreme weather conditions of the native islands due to their short and thick coat.  However, with the introduction of the longer-haired breeds, including the Persian cat breed, these Shorthair’s became scarce and unpopular.

How to Identify the British Shorthair

This is a relatively large cat, in comparison to some of the more common breeds like the Siamese, Bengal and Maine Coon:https://www.lifetimepetcover.co.uk/pet-advice/news/uks-10-most-popular-cat-breeds/, they have rounded bodies and their coat which is short, plush and thick makes them great for cuddling on the couch.

They have large pointed ears and big round eyes and are usually fully grown once they reach 3 years of age. They can often be mixed up with the Scottish fold breeds, however, these are different in their personalities, which we will look at next.

Their Personality and Temperament

heir Personality and Temperament

This is a laidback and easygoing breed and is not as playful as most cats can naturally be. They do train well and are some of the safest around children. The one thing to keep in mind is they can get overweight if not looked after with a proper diet. If you are looking for a lap cat, these guys do not like that and would much rather sit beside you than on top of you.

For some strange reason, they also prefer to have their feet on the ground and the feel of a floor beneath them. British Shorthair cat breed personality is mild and comforting. They are not fussy animals and will make do with whatever surrounding they are put into, as long as it’s comfortable. They also do not make much noise and are patient enough to wait for you at home when you are out until you return home.

These are one of the most intelligent moggies around and they do not shed their hair as much as other longer haired breeds, mainly due to their short fur. They can come in an assortment of beautiful colours ranging from lilac to brown, beige, tan, chocolate brown, blue, grey and even red at times.

They are easy to groom, friendly to human beings and other pets in the house and neighbourhood and have a high tolerance level, these are very loyal cats and know where they live and who their owners are. Although it is not advisable to let them roam around the neighbourhood for risk of getting threatened by other destitute animals and catching a disease or fleas, at the most.

Health and Wellness Aspects

Just like all animals, cats can also have some genetic health problems and can inherit certain diseases. No good breeder will claim that theirs is a fit and healthy cat with no genetic health issues. Perhaps they are not so knowledgeable about them then. When adopting them you should always make sure you receive a health guarantee certificate from them if they claim their cat is 100% problem-free.

Generally, it is a healthy cat however there is a high probability that it can be prone to two common issues, namely haemophilia B and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). Breeders can do DNA tests for animals to find out if the felines are carriers of any of the two above mentioned health conditions.

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM): this is a form of heart disease and can lead to a thickening of the heart muscles which can lead to a lack of blood circulation going in and out of the heart’s chambers. This is also called “hypertrophy”. Buying one of these cats should be done with careful consideration and you should make sure it has been tested.

Maintaining the right weight is one way of keeping any of these health matters at bay. Adding nutritional supplements to their diet is also recommended. Some of the best pet food manufacturers have now started to add a natural product to their foods and treats that can help keep these pets in good conditions both on the inside and the outside.

This is CBD or Cannabidiol, the cannabis plant extract that has been researched time and time again and found mainly positive benefits towards pets and animals of all shapes, sizes and health conditions. The products you find in pet stores are devoid of the THC that can make the animal high, so it is a safe and effective natural product to introduce to them in the right dosages.

In Conclusion

You have probably seen this cat in famous movies such as the popular children’s story “Alice in Wonderland”. Whether Lewis Carroll had one of these mongrels of his own or just had a fondness for them, no one knows!

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