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Can graphic designers do web design

by Naveen Agarwal

A graphic designer is a professional who designs ideas with visual and textual content. Graphic Designer – is the creator of concepts and solutions that solve the client’s problems in a social, cultural and global context.

The hardest part of being a graphic designer is understanding the client and creating compelling visual communication for the target audience through images, words or graphics.  A specialist must be able to perform many tasks and have the skills to work in many areas of web design.

Where Can a Graphic Designer Work?

The graphic design covers many spheres. This is a designer of multi-page publications, a packaging designer, a motion designer, a web designer, a visual designer, a designer of website and application interfaces. Also it’s a game designer. But each of these areas of activity requires a comprehensive education.

Graphic designers can work both individually. They deal with individual projects in freelance mode, and as part of an advertising agency. Designers are an integral part of the advertising department of any company. They work together with copywriters, art directors, photographers, illustrators.

How to Become a Graphic Designer?

For successful work in the field of a graphic designer professional skills. As well as features of personal development, are important. It is necessary not only to think creatively. But to be able to work with a large amount of information, organize your own time, set priorities, focus on the client’s requirements. He must know the trends in the profession.

Skills are what employers look for first. Here, the designer is required to understand the basics of composition. It’s the ability to work with color, typography (the art of text design), experience in developing web interfaces. It includes packaging, photography, videos is required. In order to bring an idea to life, you need to know the basic package of professional programs. These are Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, programs for 3d editing and video editing. As well as understand the production processes. In addition, in the modern world, knowledge of the English language is becoming very important. It’s the ability to communicate with the client, understanding of professional literature.It is obvious that good design of custom web design services affects the attractiveness of the site and the profit. 

Differences Between Design and Art

Designers and artists have a lot in common. Both use graphic design elements and principles in their work. But there is a fundamental difference. A designer is an intermediary between the client and the target audience.

Why the Profession of a Graphic Designer is in Demand in the Market

To answer the question, you need to understand the underlying motives of the market. The client wants to make a profit and reduce advertising costs. Therefore, they turn to you with one goal: “Help to earn more and spend less.”

 Why can’t a client make an advertisement for himself? There may be several reasons. First, it is difficult to do something for yourself. Secondly, the client thinks straightforwardly: “I want people to buy goods from me”. Gone are the days when it was possible to advertise and customers would knock you down, knocking you down.

Thirdly, standard advertising does not work today. Everyone understood that the ruble spent on advertising is not refundable. Therefore, they go to a designer who will make a selling advertisement.


What Does a Graphic Designer Need to Know?

Technology, social context and ways of working have changed. To remain relevant in their practice, designers must continually explore and develop formal concepts, methods, and theories. While designers often focus on a specific specialization, no one works in a vacuum. It is important to know and understand the history of design and art theory and how they intersect with the broader worlds of politics, economics, and technological progress.

Graphic design theory refers to any system of ideas that helps explain and understand the processes and methods of what we do, why, and how.

Of course, designers regularly read and incorporate theory from other fields of study such as art, architecture, economics, anthropology, sociology, technology, or science, but reading and writing design theory is how designers talk to each other about design to discover similarities other than everyday questions about business or technology.

Theory also changes and builds with culture and technology, as new relationships, tools and ways of consumption create new questions.

In simple terms, if you don’t know the system, then you don’t understand how life works in graphic design. If without knowledge of history it is impossible to create anything new, then without knowledge of theory it is impossible to develop as a specialist.

Finally, people often become designers because they believe that interest alone is not enough. An interest in language can point the way to creating words for life. An interest in order and structure lead to an engineering career. Interest in creating meaningful things lead to the study of art. Interest in people lead to the study of sociology, psychology, economics or business. The combination of these interests, such as language and economics, psychology and the creation of things, find their place in the field of design. Some of his areas overlap. These are such as architecture and fashion design, industrial design and interior design. But graphic design and communication design is the only area that consistently looks at how people communicate with each other.

Graphic Designer in Web Design

The work of a graphic designer is a union of creativity and logic. A graphic designer solves several complex and important tasks at the same time. The product created by him (logo, font, etc.) must be bright, memorable and unique. He must take into account the specifics of the organization for which it is being developed. And at the same time he must be suitable for printing. One of the main activities of a graphic designer is the creation of a corporate (corporate) style of the company. It is the development of a logo, color scheme, font, etc. Therefore, a great burden falls on the shoulders of the designer. Since the final result should be unique, vivid and easy to remember.

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