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Can I Get Bitcoin For Free

by Naveen Agarwal
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Bitcoin is the most popular form of cryptocurrency in the market, so it makes sense for you to be interested in earning it.

Whether you are just testing the waters of Bitcoin or are looking to expand your crypto portfolio, you may be asking how to earn free Bitcoin. Being able to get free Bitcoin is like being able to get free cash, and it is actually surprisingly easy to do when you know how to.

Can I Earn Free Bitcoins?

It is possible to earn Bitcoin for free, and it can be quite simple to do so.

Despite what you may think, getting Bitcoin for free can be done easily and legitimately – meaning there is no need for powerful hardware or a specialist computer to do so. There are several simple ways that you can earn Bitcoin for free across the internet if you know where to look.

Even those with limited technical experience can earn Bitcoin for free through the following methods. Some websites and communities allow you to earn Bitcoin without having to invest in your own wallet, and we have highlighted some of the easiest in this guide.

How To Earn Free Bitcoin

There are three main sources of free Bitcoin available online, which are accessible to almost everyone, no matter their technical experience.

1.) Bitcoin Faucet

This is a kind of website that allows users to claim Bitcoin at select intervals for doing certain tasks. Usually, these websites offer a small amount of Bitcoin for tasks such as solving small puzzles or clicking a button based on the needs of the website.

There will be a limit for when you can withdraw Bitcoin, and the website usually pays out in small amounts known as Satoshis, which is a hundredth of a million BTC.

2.) Interest Accounts

While there will be an initial investment required for interest accounts, it is possible to get free Bitcoin following this step. This step is more about earning passive income from Bitcoin as opposed to getting free coins.

Similar to opening a high-interest account with a capital bank, interest can be earned for Bitcoin that you already own.

3.) Online Gambling And Games

Bitcoin is becoming a viable payment option for various services and products, especially within the online gaming world.

Gambling is not a secure way of earning money, and most people will tell you that it instead does the opposite by making you lose what you already own. However, there is a small amount of Bitcoin that can be earned through certain gambling websites if they offer a deposit bonus or sign-up bonuses.


There are several ways that you can earn free Bitcoin online, but not all of them are secure or guarantee an income. If you are sensible and make good financial decisions, you could earn free Bitcoin from the methods mentioned in this article.

Several other methods are also available online if you are interested in earning free Bitcoin.

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