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Can Steroids Help in Muscle Growth

by Naveen Agarwal

Anabolic steroids are used to enhance your muscle mass, performance, strength, endurance, and to lower recovery time between two gym sessions. They are synthetically derived from a major male hormone, testosterone. Metabolic procedures are an equilibrium between anabolic activities (creating new proteins, cells, and structures) and catabolic activities (breaking down of food to be used as a source of energy).

Good anabolic steroids help to boost your muscle mass, strength, performance, and overall body-building activities, surpassing standards achievable by natural means.

Anabolic steroids are basically a type of testosterone or derivatives of it. You can buy steroids in Canada under the androgen umbrella to help in muscle growth.

Androgen and How Do They Function?

Androgens are hormones in your body that play a role in developing male characteristics and reproductive activity. The common androgens are androstenedione and testosterone. Though they are considered to be strictly male hormones, they are seen in both men and women in different concentrations.

Anabolic steroids stimulate the androgen receptors in your body which are placed in muscle cells. Consider androgen receptors as locks and anabolic steroids as the keys, and as you key it to the lock, it stimulates a genetic response in the muscle cells.

Steroids convey a message to every cell to synthesize more of a particular protein. Usually, the proteins speed up cell duplication procedures, allowing muscles to recover faster and more effectively. This helps the muscles to develop at a quicker rate, not achievable with natural methods. A lot of steroids have an effect known as nutrient partitioning, changing the use of nutrients in your body. Usually, there is a balance on different processes your body spends nutrients on. However, when you use steroids, it makes the nutrition distribution pie chart bigger.

But surely muscles need food, energy, time, and effort to grow. Steroids will offer you a competitive edge but the best results are accomplished when you invest in both steroids and know how much macronutrients you need to consume with a major increment in protein consumption and just the right amount of fat to shuttle the protein to your muscle to allow them to grow along with the right quantity of carbs.

So, when you buy steroids in Canada, it works as an enhancer, but you need to provide your body with reasons to create more cells or the foreign hormones will just float in the blood till your liver damages them.

When you exercise, you stress your muscles which causes microscopic tears. These are important for your muscles to grow because without the damage, your body will not respond. When the body is damaged, muscle cells recover quickly and repair the tissues to become better, fuller, and stronger than before, thereby allowing to develop endurance, strength, and a lean muscular body.

Performance-enhancing drugs are used by bodybuilders and athletes to help them in their workout and take it to another level. Steroids work to help you reach there. They push you beyond your natural endurance and strength and hence help in increasing your natural muscle mass.

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