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Car Accidents Settlements and Lawsuits in Columbus

by Naveen Agarwal

The most frequent lawsuits in the US are car accident lawsuits. Research shows that they account for more than 60% of the total lawsuits in courts. If you are involved in an accident and the other party is to blame, the insurance company representing them is the one responsible for the damages to your car.

However, there are usually other damages like possible injuries, which require medical attention, and inability to work due to the injuries. Unfortunately, many insurance companies offer less compensation than you need to cover both short-term and long-term damages. In other cases, some disagreements can drag the whole process for a long time.

How to File for the Lawsuit

When an accident happens, the first step is to go to a lawyer who will help determine how strong your case is, and the amount you can get if you win the case. Going to a lawyer will also enlighten you on the pros and cons of continuing with the case, and whether you should settle or proceed to trial.

It is essential that you do your research beforehand. When you go to the lawyer, you need to carry all the relevant materials and evidence to help the case. Then, you will decide, through the help of your lawyer, whether you want to continue with the lawsuit or if you want to settle out of court. It is advisable to get a specialized Columbus car accident attorney if you want to win the lawsuit.

When Is the Right Time to File for a Lawsuit?

In Columbus, you should file for a lawsuit within one year of the accident. You must seek a reputable lawyer’s services immediately after the accident happens, or once you can if you end up in the hospital. Gathering the necessary material to either settle or pursue the lawsuit takes weeks and sometimes several months. Therefore, it is crucial to find a good lawyer and know your options before running out of time.

How Long Do the Lawsuits Take?

Lawsuits differ; while some take months, others take years depending on the case’s complexity and the insurance company’s willingness to pay. Once the lawsuit goes to trial, there are legal processes that both sides need to fulfill before the trial begins, and that also takes time. During the lawsuit, there are other processes, as well. It is important to be patient because the cases are often unpredictable and can drag for a long time.

Trial or Settlement

Many wonder whether their cases will end up in trial or settlement. A higher percentage of these cases settle before they get to trial. Like lawsuits amounts, settlement amounts vary. If the car is repairable and the health damages are minute, then the insurance company will offer less than if the vehicle is a write-off and the injuries are serious.

Also, some people become incapacitated and are unable to work for awhile or permanently. All these are factors that determine the compensation to be offered and whether the case will end up in trial.

Are You Ready to File for a Lawsuit?

It is always advisable to seek the services of a good lawyer because they will help a great deal in helping you win and maximize the amount payable. Whether it is a settlement or a lawsuit, it is vital to seek an attorney’s services. Therefore, seek the services of an experienced Columbus car accident attorney. They will guide you through your options and help you with the route you decide to take, whether it is settling or proceeding to trial.

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