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Choosing a Uniform Maker Wisely

by Mohit Jain

Uniforms are of course a divisive thing among average people. Most people generally don’t like to have to wear them, and in many cases, they’re not really that flattering. Equally rare is a comfortable uniform, with places like restaurants, retail, and convenience stores often having rather scratchy shirts with stiff collars.

This doesn’t have to be the case, and while we certainly can’t advise you on what water wouldn’t be a tasteful and flattering aesthetic, we can certainly recommend optimizing for durability and comfort rather than cheap and uncomfortable. When choosing a uniform maker, you need to consider this, as your workers will be wearing these things for eight hours a day, likely five days a week. It’s easy to think that their comfort doesn’t matter, but it really does.

Today, were going to talk about important things consider before contracting anyone to do your uniform printing. But first, let’s discuss why uniforms or even necessary (in several cases they may not be), and why comfort is so important.

Why Uniforms Anyway?

At the end of the day, uniforms serve the primary function of indicating that someone is an employee. This makes an associate easy to locate when necessary, and prevents certain mischievous people from impersonating associates and getting away with things they really shouldn’t. In an ideal world, this should be all that there really necessary for. Alas, we all know that this isn’t the case.

Having a uniform dress code also prevents people from dressing, shall we say, inappropriately. While looking stiff and rigid isn’t really a socially highly-regarded thing these days, we mean inappropriate in the sense of certain things being displayed are printed on shirts, or states of dress that are outright inappropriate for public viewing. Unfortunately, if given an inch, people will take a mile in many cases.

Why Comfort Matters

While it’s important for a uniform to be durable, limiting the number of materials it can be used, in modern times, a great many comfortable materials are available to fill this niche. There is no longer a call for uniforms to be overly heavy, scratchy or otherwise uncomfortable. Comfort matters, because employees have to spend hours at a time in these garments, and an uncomfortable employee is a far less productive employee.

Amazingly, it’s only in recent decades that most employers of realized that Morrell really does matter. This isn’t just in the form of treating them with courtesy and paying them a livable wage, which is an astounding thing in the fact that it’s a recent discovery, but also in keeping them comfortable. In many cases, it’s bad enough that they’re on their feet for prolonged periods of time, something that’s extremely painful for average people. Be sure that they have uniforms that breathe, feel comfortable and allow them to move without any sense of restriction.

It’s a good idea to avoid uniforms that have collars, those are never comfortable! Also, remember to factor in larger sizes then you would expect your employees to have. Many people prefer to wear a uniform that they size larger than they are.

Accepting Overhead is a Good Idea!

At the end of the day, most cheaper less comfortable uniforms are the result of cutting corners price-wise. Remember that comfortable employees are far more productive employees, and when choosing your uniform maker, investing in higher quality stuff will be offset by better work quality from said employees. Uniform printing is not that expensive in the first place, provided you are not asking for a remarkably small number of uniforms to be printed!

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