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Choosing The Right Men’s Belt

by Naveen Agarwal

The waist size of most men will vary over a period of time, so their pants will become lose or tight. Most of the pants are expensive, so it is not cost effective to get new pants stitched whenever the waist size changes. Hence most men are wearing belts, to ensure that the pants remain in place. Additionally, when men are playing games like golf, which involve vigorous activity, there is a possibility that the pants may become loose. Hence many men are interested in finding men’s belts. Some of the different kinds of belts which are available, their design and features are discussed.


Most of the belts which are available from reputed brands are 3.5 cm wide. However the length of the belts will depend on the design of the belt. In case of a webbing belt which is stretchable, one size of the belt will fit all the users. In other cases, the user can choose a belt based on the waist length. While the belts are available to match different waist sizes ranging from 30 inches to 40 inches, the actual availability of the size will vary depending on the belt design which is selected. It is advisable to choose a larger waist size, so that the belt can be used even if the user gains weight.


The material used will depend on the design of the belt. Usually the webbing belts are made from polyester only and are extremely flexible. In some cases, an elastic panel is provided near the buckle so that the user can stretch it to make it fit properly, whatever his waist size. The stretch belts use a combination of materials like polyester, nylon and rubber, so that the length of the belt can be easily increased if required by stretching it. In some cases, the nylon may be replaced by PU. Some of the belts have leather end pieces with buckle holes to give the belt a stylish look.



The buckles used for the belt will vary depending on the design of the belt which is selected. In some cases, large buckles are used, which are metal clamp shut with an end tip so that they fit seamlessly. The buckle is usually embossed with the logo, and is in a color which contrasts with the belt color though there are exceptions. In other belts, there is a metal buckle, which fits in the end panel with holes. Since the belt size can be increased slightly, it is usually easy to wear the belt. The buckle is made from high quality metal, which will not get corroded.

Colors and Selection

The belts are available in different colors like white, gray, navy blue and black. The user should select the right belt to match the outfit which he is wearing. Though the white belt is very attractive, the user should be aware that the stains or dirt marks on the belt are easily visible. The belts which have leather end pieces should not be soaked in water for a longer period of time, since the leather will get damaged. Belts which do not have leather like the webbing belts can be cleaned periodically with detergent powder to remove the grime.

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