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Content Is Still King: 9 Ultimate Facts How Quality Content Can Generate More Traffic On Your Website

by Claudia Jeffrey
Content Is Still King_ 9 Ultimate Facts How Quality Content Can Generate More Traffic On Your Website

Ask marketers or business owners what makes them super happy, and probably they’ll tell you high website traffic. What often comes after traffic on a marketer’s wish list?

Quality content to get more traffic on their site. However, 61% of marketers reported it as their biggest challenge.

Marketing Challange
The question is, how can we generate more traffic, and the answer is through quality content. Yes, you heard it right. As per the latest stats, 60% of marketers produce one piece of content each day. Websites with a well-defined content marketing strategy are gaining 7.8x higher traffic. In fact, generating quality content is the top priority of 57% of marketers.

So What Is Content Exactly?

Before you proceed with your marketing endeavors, you should know what content is? It is a combination of text, graphical, and audio-visual information that you post on your website. In short, to set up your game plan for increased website traffic in 2020, you have to put content at the top of the list.

Top Reasons Why Content Is So Important For Your Website Traffic

Here is a list of the top reasons that perfectly explains how quality content can help you drive more traffic on your site.

1. It Is The Foundation Of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Content is central because it connects all the components of your digital marketing strategy. The content your team creates can be used for advertising, blogging, email marketing, social media, and PPC ads. With high quality and relevant content, you can utilize a number of marketing tactics and achieve your predefined goals and targets.

2. Let You Provide Value For Visitors

The content on your website does a number of things for you. It informs your targeted audience about your brand and product in the most cost-effective way. Not only this, you can show your prospects that you are amazing at what you do. Now you may ask what keeps my visitors stay longer on my site. People will like to read and watch content if it provides some kind of value to them. Give them what they want, and they’ll keep coming back. Many small start-up websites promote low-cost ideas and discussions related to their industry. Above all, your content should provide answers to questions people may have.

3. Good Content Has Greater SEO Value

Your content is of no use if your audience can’t find it easily. Thus, better SEO results is a valid reason to prioritize quality content. To make content exceptional, you need to use appropriate keywords, backlinks, and critical SEO elements to improve your website visibility on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Better visibility means higher traffic.

4. Quality Content Results In Higher Leads

Posting great content is a vital part of generating sales leads. With the right content, your potential leads are more likely to click on your website. Evidence suggests that almost 77% of online consumers read website content and reviews prior to actual buying. Companies that publish specific content related to the product such as product reviews, FAQ, and instructional blogs and videos reassure prospective buyers and enhance their purchase intention. Research says consumers are 131% more likely to purchase after reading educational content.

5. It Helps Link Building

Would you like to link your website to websites that publish poor quality content? The answer is clear: ‘No way’. Great content automatically gets the attention of other websites, and they will want to link to it. Earning a handful of links is important for you to get your site on the first search page of Google. And this is important for multiplying your audience and getting huge website traffic. Not only this, your Page Authority increases when top rated websites with high Domain Authority links with you.

6.  Good Content Comes With High Shareability

Today, word-of-mouth is different from what it was a decade ago. Here’s how. Almost all websites feature social sharing buttons that appear when a user scrolls down. And people literally share good content with a few hundred folks they have on their networks. Social media sharing helps amplify content distribution so that your message gets in front of more eyes. You can create a buzz around your brand and tempt people to take some sort of action such as commenting and sharing which usually begins the sales process.
Good Content Comes With High Shareability
The pro tip is to create original content and go for fresh ideas that haven’t been shared or shared widely. Most importantly, focus on the visual appeal because humans are great visual learners and more likely to skip overly textual substance. This makes infographics a great way to pass on brand messages.

7. It Boosts Website Usability

A lot of times, users leaves a website in frustration because they couldn’t find the information they were expecting. Website usability is a term that describes the overall user experience on the website. Content which is relevant, useful, and easy to navigate results in improved user experience. A well-designed website with high-value content and thoughtful inter linking can do the job. Estimates suggest that 88% of B2B websites don’t add internal links to products and news. Here, internal linking means connecting two relevant pieces of content to make your website and content more usable for your users. For example, your website has a dedicated page for coursework writing service, and you have also written a blog post about them. Now you can insert links from the service page to the article. When clicking on the link, the reader will be redirected to the service page, and there’s a high chance that the user will place their order. See a good practice below
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8. You Can Position Yourself As An Industry Authority

It doesn’t matter if you are a B2C or B2B enterprise, your prospective buyers expect peace of mind in knowing that they aren’t dealing with unprofessional bunch of people. This is another reason why quality content is essential. You can demonstrate your expertise by providing customer-centric solutions that help customers make more educated product purchasing decisions. If you consistently provide valuable content, you’ll soon achieve a leadership position and build higher brand authority in your industry. One major benefit of high brand authority is that Google will reward your efforts and divert more organic traffic to your website.

9. High-Value Content Breeds Loyalty

You should care about your existing customers more because:
  • It is 16% less costly to retain current customers than attracting new customers.
  • Fewer marketing efforts will be utilized as you don’t need to convince them to buy from you.
  • You will observe raised profits because it is much easier for business to cross-sell them.
High-Value Content Breeds Loyalty
Your current subscribers will look forward to new information and updates from your content. For instance, many Dissertation Assistance providers create email newsletters, blogs, guides, service updates and other items for their customers. Quality content is a chief component of building robust relationships with your customers which result in repeat purchases and obviously more traffic.

Take Home Message

High quality website content is the secret sauce for your business success. It not only helps you to generate traffic, but it also lets you develop a deeper connection with your audience.

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