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Corporate Gifting: How to Truly Impress Your Clients

by Naveen Agarwal

As a business, sending corporate gifts to your clients can be an effective method of customer retention. Not only does it remind people of who you are, but it can also foster positive feelings towards you and your company. In turn, this makes it more likely that these clients will choose to work with you again. So, how do you decide what corporate gifts to send? Read on for some advice and ideas.

Why It’s Important To Get It Right

You might be thinking that the gift itself isn’t as important as the fact that you’re sending one. In some ways, this can be true, but it’s also the case that if you send the wrong gift, it can be worse than sending nothing at all. That’s why it’s worth spending a bit of time choosing a gift that is both thoughtful and appropriate to ensure that your clients are left with only positive feelings towards your business.

Factors To Consider When Picking A Corporate Gift

Choosing gifts can often be tricky, especially in cases such as corporate gifting where you might not know the recipient very well, or you are sending something for a whole team of people. If possible, you want to try and personalize your gifts to some extent. This not only makes it more likely that your client will be happy with it, but it shows them that you’ve put some thought into the process – which will always impress people. Therefore, you should try to tailor your gifts to each individual client where you can.

Of course, one key factor you’ll want to bear in mind is cost. Sending a gift that looks cheap can damage your reputation with clients. On the other hand, you also don’t want to send anything overly extravagant – firstly because it’s not financially viable, and secondly because it can actually make recipients feel uncomfortable.

Ideas For Corporate Gifting

The following is just a small selection of options for corporate gifts. Whatever you choose, a great tip is to include a handwritten note or card with it. The effort this takes and the personal touch it brings will definitely make a good impression and show that you genuinely appreciate the people you work with.

  • Chocolate – although we usually think of this as a gift for loved ones, corporate chocolate gifts are a growing industry. Try sending a box personalized with your company’s logo, or even have it included in an edible form on the chocolate itself – that’s sure to get people’s attention!
  • Hampers – when sending a gift to a large team of people, hampers can be perfect. They make a great impression visually, and because they contain a wide variety of items, there’s usually something for everyone.
  • Stationery – for those who work in an office, stationery is always useful. If you send someone a good quality pen or notebook with your company logo on it, it will be a long-lasting reminder of your company.
  • Reusable water bottles – for an eco-friendly gift idea, a reusable water bottle is hard to beat. It’s genuinely useful, will last a long time, and shows your company cares about the environment.

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