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Cute Short Bob Haircuts & Hairstyles You’ll Want to Try This Year

by Naveen Agarwal
Cute Short Bob Haircuts

Hairstyle Trend 2022: Best Bob Haircut for Women

Bob Cut is one of the most versatile haircuts 2022 trends for women, young girls, and older women. This short hairstyle for women is timeless; it was popular decades ago and is still in demand among fusionists.

There are many options for a bob haircut. Some hairstylists create unique haircuts based on the classic bob, which helps girls look even more attractive. We offer you to familiarize yourself in more detail with the main features of a bob haircut, the most popular haircut of 2022.

Benefits of The Bob Cut Trend For Women 2022

When visiting a hairdresser, girls don’t always have a clear idea of ​​what they want to see on their heads. Most often they are guided by photos from the Internet, where the girls are captured with spectacular haircuts and styling. However, a professional hairdresser should be guided not only by the customer’s requests but also by such parameters as hair structure, facial contours, hair color, etc.

A Bob Haircut Is Suitable If:

You want to try a short haircut but hesitate to go for a too short “boyish” hairstyle. Square bob is something between shoulder length and “hedgehog” hair. If you have hair stiff and thick structuring this hair will create a beautiful curvy shape.

The main advantage of bob hairstyles is that it hardly needs special care and constant styling. If your hair is naturally straight, you don’t even need iron to create an attractive look. All you need to do is comb your hair and inject it with a styling agent.

Choosing A Square Haircut For The Oval Of The Face

Choosing a haircut according to the oval of the face is one of the most important points when choosing a hairstyle. Professional hairdressers first assess this particular parameter and then only start a haircut. Bob-square, although a universal haircut still requires some adjustment compared to the oval of the face.

·         Round face – choose an elongated square, ending closer to the collarbone. This will visually expand the face.

·         Heart-shaped face – Very short cut. The haircut will accentuate the face, cheekbones, and jawline.

·         Square face – choose an elongated bob, preferably with felted bangs

·         Oval face – a universal option that fits all types of bob haircuts

Also, consider the structure of the hair. For thick hair, choose a long bob that will weigh down your hair and allow it to comb easily. On curly hair, it is best to perform a layered bob. For owners of thin hair, it is better to choose a layered bob

·         Trendy Bob Hair Ideas in 2022

·         Bob for short hair 2022

Short hair is the trend of 2022. It looks feminine and stylish, visually transforms the image of girls. Bob-square for short hair is suitable for owners of thick hair. They initially have volume, are easy to install, do not require constant adjustments.

A Short Bob Can Be Achieved In Several Ways:

·         Without bangs – a bob with a parted part or on the side looks good

·         With torn bangs – refreshes or rejuvenates the face, makes the image young and vibrant

·         With straight bangs – suitable for straight hair

A short Hairstyle Weekly fashion is also good with bob because it is done in such a way that the hair at the back of the head is as short as possible. This opens up the neck as much as possible, making it thinner and longer. A short bob is suitable for young girls with highlighted hair, with a blend.

Bob For Mid-Length Hair

The average length has always been considered universal. Hair like this is easy to style or bring together. A bob cut on medium hair looks different depending on the hair structure and styling method. Bob-square looks great on wavy, straight, thick hair. With such a structure, it is better to make asymmetrical and symmetrical bobs with an extension to the neck or collarbones.

Asymmetric Square Bob 2022

Experiments with graduation and asymmetry have led to the fact that girls increasingly choose stylish and effective haircuts with uneven strands, “feathers” and other irregularities in the hair. Such haircuts look interesting and stylish in a youthful way.

An asymmetrical bob visually rejuvenates the face while looking understated. The asymmetry of this haircut is a sharp transition in the length of the hair. You can lengthen on one side and shave the other almost to zero. Or perform the classic version of a square bob with graduated strands. In any case, such an unusual haircut is the result of the joint work of the master and the client.

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