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Digital Marketing – Google Adwords

by Mohit Jain
Google Adwords

Google Adwords is one of the many forms of digital marketing a company can investigate and take part in. Here you will learn what it is and how to sign up for it but if you want successful Google Ads, Wall you should consider investing in a professional digital marketing company that knows best how to navigate it and bring better success with it as a result.

Looking at Google Adwords

This is a marketplace online where businesses and organisations of all kinds can pay to have their website rank at the top of search results using different keywords. Using keywords that are relevant to your business and website you can better promote your business and services. Keywords are those used by a user when they enter a search into the search engine bar. For example, if they are searching for Italian restaurants in Toms River they might enter ‘Italian restaurant, Toms River’. If those are keywords you have picked for google ads Toms River, then your site will place highly on the results page.

Counting the clicks

For each click you get on your ad, you pay a fee to Google. Impressions are also counted, which is how many times your ad has been shown when the users have searched for that particular keyword. When you take the clicks and divide them by the impressions this gives you the CTR or the click through rate. This is the percentage of people that land on your page from clicking on your ad.

To get the keywords you need to bid for them, you can think of Google Adwords as a kind of keyword auction house. You decide how much you are willing to pay each time someone clicks on your ad. If you set your maximum bid at say $2, and that beats other people’s average bids, it means Google will show your ad at the top of the results page for that keyword. But Google wants those ads to be relevant; it is not just about the highest bidder. You need a combination of a quality ad as well as a decent bid to be successful. When you hire a professional digital marketing company they have a lot of experience in getting great results and know what Google is looking for.

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Creating an account

Creating a Google Adwords account is pretty easy. Head to the site and from there, the steps are as follows.

Step One – Choose and type in your ad campaign name.

Step Two – Decide where you want your ads to show geographically.

Step Three – Set your budget for each day and decide on your bid strategy. For example, if you choose to change it to manually set bids for clicks you have more control with Google Ads Toms River.

Step Four – Create an ad group and then write the ad. Use keywords that are relevant to your site. More people will click on links for ads when they see that the headline there also has the search phrase they used. Remember you have just 25 words for the headline so use common abbreviations when you can. After the headline is the 2nd line that is allowed up to 35 characters, 3rd another 35 characters and then the 4th line has your URL.

Step Five – In the keyword field put in the keywords. You can use quotations, brackets and the plus sign to see the number of searches you get on each type.

Step Six – Set the maximum you will pay for the cost per click. Remember every major keyword will need a price of its own. Then you just enter your billing data and you have created your first Google Ads Wall or where you are.

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