small business web design

There is absolutely no doubt that a web presence of more important than any other form of marketing or advertising these days. This is not going to change in the future, and it’s actually fairly obvious why this is the case. Honestly, traditional forms of advertising are targeting spaces that nobody is looking at. Guerrilla marketing tactics like billboards, etc. are mildly effective, but are rather expensive, and honestly, people are really paying that much attention to them either. Things like television advertisements only work when there is an audience for life television, and that audiences diminishing every day. The same can be said for newspapers, magazines and other periodicals. The Internet has supplanted all of these.

This also definitely goes for hybrid advertising such as web banners, pop-up ads and video interruptions on streaming sites and YouTube. People simply block ads, and you’ll never be able to outsmart and blocking technology, the developers of this stuff are always one step ahead. Besides, don’t lie, you use it too! So, it’s pretty obvious that you need a website, and you need SEO for visibility. The question is, when it comes to small business web design in Perth, do you need a designer, or is it all right to just go with one of those simple point-and-click web design systems offered by most hosting services?

What can small business website packages in Perth offer that a simple design system offered by the likes of SquareSpace?

The Limits of Easy Web Design Tools

Okay, first, let’s directly address those simple web design tools offered by various hosting systems. You can make capable, decent-looking things with it. However, it is very limited, and if there isn’t a button to create the type of widget, functionality or element that you need, editing it in through the code is near impossible with most of these tools.

Also, migrating from these tools to traditional web design when you choose to upgrade to more advanced stuff is also a nightmare, as the code they generate is usually a hideous mess internally.

What if I’m just using something like WordPress?

Word press is useful, if you plan to use a blog-style website to get the most out of SEO, well, we actually applaud your ingenuity and dedication to simplicity there. However, if you choose to use a default, or prepackaged skin for your Word press set up, it’s going to look very minimal-effort, and not impress anyone. You still need a capable web designer to create decent templates, themes and so forth to get the most out of a CMS like this.

What sort of advancements can a small business web designer actually bring?

So, what can a provider of small business web design in Perth provide, besides eliminating those problems listed above? Well, they can actually design a streamlined, responsive and flexible website exactly to your specifications. They can also make it compatible with mobile spaces, as mobilizing your business is extremely important.

They also have a sense of art, meaning that small business SEO packages in Perth bring along with some expertise and advice as well. You may think you know exactly what you want your site to look like, but we’re not only our own worst critics, but were also our own poorest critics when it comes to something like that!