by Naveen Agarwal

Ever since beyblade cartoons came out, it became one of the most famous cartoon series. Every child wanted to buy a beyblade, the streets started to become a beyblades battle ground. Every one wanted to be like Tyson. “Let it rip” was one of the most famous lines.

Beyblades were a sensation back in early 2000s, and almost every child desired to have one. Now after almost two decades in 2020, their popularity has not been affected at all.

The best beyblades are the ones with which you feel very comfortable in taking on your opponent. Today there are many beyblades with different shapes and sizes, and choosing the right beyblade can sometimes be a daunting task, so we will show you our picks for the best beyblade in the world, to help you find the best one for you.



As mentioned before, this can be a pretty daunting task, for the passionate beybladers. They have a passion to battle, knock out the opponents and make a male for themselves, but how is that possible if they do not have the beyblade right for them.

If you are a beyblade enthusiat then you should know what your style of play is. Do you prefer to strike the opponent aggressively, do you like to play defensively or maybe you like to exhaust your opponent while striking as well.

For each style of play, they’re is a different type of beyblade. You must experiment with different beyblades to know what you want.

There are three types of beyblades,

  • If you are an aggressive player, you like to attack your opponent from all sides and dont want to give them a chance, then you should definitely opt for an attacking beyblade.
  • Someone who prefers to stay in the middle of the stadium and defend the attacking beyblades, then they should opt for a defensive beyblade
  • Stamina beyblades are for those who prefer to play strategically, strike when required and are long lasting. They also have the ability to dodge an attack.


There are many competitors, when it comes to making beyblades, but mostly Takara Tommy has dominant the market, because of the amazing quality they provide. There are few other companies which have done a good job as well.

  1. Takara Tommy Beyblade Burst B-103

It is a beyblade with defensive characteristics, it is perfect for the beginners, to learn how to master the art of beyblade battles. Due to a long driver it lasts long and is perfect for defence.

The matellic driver reduces friction and generates a lot of momentum.

The asthetic look is due to the bright yellow and orange colours appealing to the eye. With this beyblade you are definitely going to stand out among others.

  1. Takara Tommy Beyblade Burst B-59

If you are some what inexperienced in beyblade battles, or if ypu are someone who is about to buy their first ever beyblade, then this option should definitely be considered. This stamina beyblade is made to last long, and you wont need to worry about attack, as is good in defence as well.

There are metallic balls at the centre of the top, when the beyblade revolves with high speeds, these balls move out towards the edges and add on the the already increased speeds, this makes them last long and when it slows down these matellic balls move back to the center to the beyblade.

  1. Takara Tommy Beyblade Burst B-148

This is definitely one of the most amazing manufacturers by Takara Tommy. The powerful driver gives it an extra amount of momentum and a good stability. With higher speeds of revolution it is guaranteed to last long.

The strong top allows it to defend against most of the strikes. A top speed and strong defence makes it a difficul target for other beyblades to overpower.

The wings which are appealing to the eye arent just for the asthetic purposes, but also make it resistant and resilient towards strikes.

  1. Takara Tommy B-142 Judgment Joker

When it comes to attack B-142 doesn’t let you down. It is one of the most aggressive beyblades in the market. The hefty top provides an outstanding balance while the dual rubber provide an amazing attacking ability, they also ensure a great stability.

Its driver is also known as trick driver, which allows it to dodge attacks.

  1. Beyblade Burst Evolution Spryzen S2

It is the only beyblade which made it to our list which isn’t from Takara Tommy. The Spryzen S2 is a light weight beyblade designed especially for the purpose of attacking. When launched strategically it moves through all of the stadium making it difficult to get attacked. While the high speeds provide an excellent collisions, which can destroy your opponent.

But sometimes its light weight can act against it as well. That is why it shouldnt be used against more aggressive beyblades, because they might overpower S2.


  1. Takara Tommy Beyblade Burst B-155 :

If you ask for our opinion, this is the best beyblade in the world which guarantees you success in a battle stadium. Its is an aesthetically appealing beyblade, which will distinguish itself from others in a battle field.

What makes it stand out is the ability to strike and a high stamina. Very few beyblades have such an ability.

It can either spin towards right or left, can attack as well as defend itself. Initially it moves around most of the areas of the stadium, and unleashes a fearsome attack on the opponents, with passing time it the opponent is strong and doesn’t get knocked out, then it starts yo maintain its momentum hence lasts for a long time.

B-155 has a dual matellic layer, which provides the necessary momentum to keep it revolving and ensuring a high stamina.


By now you may be excited to buy the beyblade that is right cor you, but do you know how we selected, our top beyblades for the list given above?. Well, for this you should know what to look for in any beybkade.

There are three types of beyblades, and you should know your preference when buying one.

The attacking beyblades are designed to be aggressive, usually they are lightweight, and they move around all of the stadium, making it difficult to hit them. They have the ability to strike multiple times and knock out ither beyblades.

The defensive beyblades are good to the people who have a defensive approach to the battle, they do not move around much, usually stay at the center and have a lot of resilience. The matellic driver makes them spin at high speeds.

On the other hand are the stamina beyblades. They are meant to spin for a very long duration defend themselves and strike at the same time. These are ideal for those wo want to battle strategically.

Apart from the types of beyblades, one should also look for the beyblade stadiums. They are usually made if ABS plastic especially designed for the beyblades to spin.

And the launcher should also be compatible with the beyblade.

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