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Does Choosing 3Ply Face Masks is Cost-Effective

by Naveen Agarwal
3Ply Face Masks

We all are suffering from the COVID-19 issues and outbreaks. Use of a face mask or face covering before moving out of home is one of the easiest steps to prevent it. It assists in protecting you as well as others from spreading cough or sneeze droplets. Moreover, in many cities, the use of these safety masks in public places is mandatory.

A wide range of protective face masks is available in the market, which makes it difficult to find the right one for you. A 3ply mask is a great option for both children, old age people, and adults for everyday use. It is made up of 3 protective layers, which provide maximum protection from pollutants and germs. 3ply face masks are comfortable, long-lasting, and breathable.

Features of 3 Ply Face Masks That Are Worth Considering:

Three layers:

3ply face masks are made up of 3 protective layers. It is designed to protect you from non-oily droplets, germs, and pollutants present in the air. The outer and inner mask layers are made up of non-woven fabric. These layers have a middle filter layer made of polypropylene to filter air.


World Health Organization suggests people for wearing a face mask for 4-5 hours in crowd areas for effective protection.  Moreover, dispose of it right away after use or if it gets damaged or dirty. 3ply masks are made from disposable material, which lowers the risk of infections and allergies.

Bacteria Filter Efficiency (BFE):

According to the statistics, 3ply masks prevent at least 95% insertion of the bacteria and germs present in the air. You can freely step out of your home without any fear. It protects you from 95-99.9% airborne pollutants, germs, and bacteria.

100% Compliant with Regulations:

3ply masks are 100% compliant with quality control standards and regulations. 3 ply facial masks are certified according to European standard EN14683. It means they are tried and tested by experts.

High Breathability:

3ply surgical masks are made up of lightweight non-woven soft fabric. It allows low breathing resistance, which makes it highly breathable. The fabric is absorbent and can absorb moisture. Also, it is comfortable to wear. It’s official: the best breathable face masks don’t sacrifice safety for airflow; rather using shape and fabric to their advantage. So in celebration of breathable face masks, we’ve curated an edit of the very best. Of course, none of the face masks in this edit of breathable face masks are medical-grade, nor are they clinically proven to protect against the virus. But, these coverings will comply with the governmental regulations, so you can do your weekly shop and hop onto public transport while protecting yourself and those around you.

The face mask has become a necessity in this pandemic to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Most people face difficulty in selecting the right mask for everyday use. 3ply mask is highly breathable and comfortable for daily use. It provides at least 95% effective protection from germs, pollutants, bacteria, and viruses.

We’ve all been subject to pesky face mask probs since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic (rubbing behind the ears/gaping at the chin), but the worst face mask tripe of them all? Those that barely allowed any airflow, practically setting your face on FIRE. Luckily, there has been a bit of a breathable face mask revolution just in time for the summer months. Said face masks use lightweight or sweat-wicking fabrics to keep you cool and sans sweat – so much so, you could choose one of these breathable face masks for working out. If you’re so inclined.

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