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Does Content Play An Important Role In SEO

by Naveen Agarwal

It’s a well-known fact that SEO begins and ends with content. SEO Agencies understand its importance and hence enhance optimization through effective content strategies.

Well-structured content is extremely crucial for Search Engine Optimisation. Without it, search engines like Google and Yahoo would not have adequate data to categories your website accurately. Without a functional Optimisation strategy, your website would never be viewed or shared. It will see no visitors and will become a liability instead of an asset.

Optimized content improves a brand’s visibility and increases its chances to be viewed by a wider audience. Creating and publishing the right content can encourage the masses to make purchases, as well as draw in new customers. Adopted by the best SEO consultants in London, a good content strategy can give a brand much-needed mileage.

What is Optimised Content?

Content that includes popular keywords and is written with the objective of driving traffic to a website is termed ‘SEO content’. Optimized content is created with search engines like Bing, Yahoo, & Google in mind. The primary objective of optimized content is to provide information deemed relevant and valuable by search engines so as to impact SERP (search engine results page) rankings positively.

If the content is high quality, trustworthy and provides solutions for a reader’s issues, it’s likely to be engaged with more often. This increase in engagement creates credibility, an attribute much appreciated by search engines. Simply put, more credibility = a higher ranking.

Content is an indispensable element of search engine optimization, and here are 3 reasons that justify its importance:

Content is Everything

It doesn’t get simpler than this – no content, no ranking. Without content, what is there for google to rank? Optimized content not only gives Google something to rank but also provides the keywords needed to evaluate the relevance of the content.

Keywords play an integral role in SEO. If optimization cannot be performed without content, content cannot be optimized without keywords. Keywords are phrases or terms that are searched for regularly; therefore, if a blog mentions commonly searched keywords, it’s bound to show up in the search results.

Consistently creating and including new content on your website will empower its overall reach. A larger website is often perceived as authoritative by search engines like Google, etc. Additionally, a website that has a large repository of highly engaging content is more likely to appear in the top search results. Furthermore, by adding content consistently, the crawl frequency of a website is increased.

Keywords Make the Content

While the quality of content is a crucial metric, adding keywords brings out its true value. They really do make all the difference. Using long-tail keywords has proved to be fruitful. These keywords are usually between three to five words long and are high in search volume without the competition. Logically, it’s wise to use keywords that are not very competitive.

Many who are new to this concept tend to over-populate content with keywords. “Keyword stuffing” will not only kill the quality of the content but is also a penalized offense by Google. Instead, the right keyword density should be maintained for the exercise to be effective.

Social Validation is Earned

In my personal experience, I have witnessed a number of websites and blogs that have ranked well due to social validation, even though the quality of content they had published was merely average. Many big companies are able to create social credibility by pumping huge amounts of capital towards marketing and brand-building exercises.

However, small and medium-sized businesses can’t afford that kind of spending. For them, the only option to develop credibility is by creating high-quality content.

When you create well-structured articles and blogs, you deliver value to the consumer. When your content solves issues Customers have been facing, they will interact with your brand far more through media outlets and social networking platforms. Information about your brand, product, and services will be shared without you having to add a monetary incentive.

Moreover, when users share and interact with your page, It’s a good indication for Google. The more interaction there is, the higher your credibility rises. Also, should your content be posted on an authoritative site, the credibility of your brand will skyrocket, further establishing your website as a ‘trustworthy’ platform.

These are just three of the many reasons that solidify the importance of quality content in your search engine optimization strategy. A company that takes itself seriously will protect its integrity at all costs from the damages of substandard content.

To create good content, organizations may have to reach out to specialists in the field. This is why most successful companies prefer collaborating with SEO consultants in London that can provide high-quality content as a part of their services. Partnering with an all-inclusive solution provider not only helps streamline their complete digital strategy but also helps bring all elements under the same roof.

Personally, after years of looking for the right SEO Services in the UK, I was referred to Web Choice. To begin with, their audit of my website was spot on. They were able to quickly identify pain points and offer solutions that added value not only to my website but also to my customers.

Their team of experts is well versed in the latest technology and trends. It continues to be a blessing for me to have a trustworthy partner like Web Choice to depend on. I wholeheartedly recommend that you reach out to an SEO consultant in London, do contact Web Choice today.

About the Author:

Sam Dunning is the Sales Director and Co-Owner at WEB CHOICE, UK.

He hosts the weekly podcast “Business Growth Show” with business leaders, experts and entrepreneurs from across the globe.

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