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eLearning: Crucial in Learning Mathematics

by Naveen Agarwal
Learning Mathematics


Mathematics is a subject which is of utmost importance, even if you don’t want to build a career into anything involving much of it. Mathematics is a subject that one cannot ignore, especially in that phase where your primary and secondary education is. Fear is something that might come to your mind when people say Maths. Many of the students are also there who are incredibly fond of the subject and make notes thus, want to take it further.

And trust on when we say it, that if you think of the subject as tedious, difficult, and cold, you are most definitely not the one going through the feeling, as many feel the same way. The feeling is correct but not obvious, as a subject becomes attractive to you, easy for you when you start working and practice more and more, devoting more hours than ever.

Importance of Mathematics

Mathematics is a vital subject and must focus on to get yourself with results you always have aspired for. It is a subject that is going to be useful for you, in the future no matter which field you choose for building your career in be it, Commerce, science or Psychology or architecture or anything.

Mathematics is the subject in your life which you need if you want to succeed in your life and build a career that will sustain you for your entire lifetime.

But, it is also true that many students find it challenging to understand the concept if they come across the subject for the first time. It is essential for you to make maths notes and never to develop an attitude to give up on something you failed in doing for the first time.

Change the Mindset

According to the researcher, they have found two types of mindsets inside a human: fixed and growth. One must try to develop the latter, as it will help you adapt to the ongoing changes and prepare you for taking chances.

With the onset of Pandemic, students into their primary educational phase have started liking mathematics and do practice more and more, which is only enriching their caliber and capability in the subject.

eLearning has changed the mindsets of those who thought that they are not a “Math-person.” The teaching practices and the way it had conducted the various concepts of Mathematics have enabled the students to learn more efficiently by focusing on the pattern of learning they prefer.

Online learning of the subjects has made students realize their mistakes stepwise and with good demonstration videos available, where the teachers are making efforts to make students understand is commendable.

What key points that the Elearning or Online learning has made use of is the following-

  • More problems to practice on! Practice, Practice, and only Practice.
  • Introduced concepts within and beyond the textbooks.
  • Tutorial learning
  • Problem-solving demonstration
  • Mobile application
  • Learning based on real-life situations.


Online learning worked a lot to achieve the spot on which it is currently sticking. Applying these ideas has helped individuals realize the importance of this fantastic subject, Mathematics. It had also made the subject a bit more interesting by using all different learning styles and summarizing the same on some presentations, which can be accessed on twenty-four into seven operational bases. It is in a way also promoting or encouraging the concept of personalized learning where a student becomes much more responsible on his own to develop learning as a habit into them, according to their preferences. Thus, online learning is a very bright concept that is encouraging to other professionals who want to pursue some degree or gain some technical skills enrolling in these courses.

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