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Epic Virtual Hangout Activities to Try with Friends

by Naveen Agarwal
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Nowadays, people are making fewer memories in person and more memories online, especially through virtual hangout apps. There’s Zoom, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, Discord, and Skype, just to name some of the main ones. Honestly, that’s barely scratching the surface!

The great part about virtual hangouts is you have total freedom to do whatever you want for as long as you want. It’s not like being at a bar where you have to leave at a certain time, or a party that suddenly gets shut down because of a noise complaint. No one can come in between your virtual hangout fun – and that’s what makes it so special. magic hens

If you’re someone who regularly video calls with friends and family, you might want to try these epic virtual hangout activities that are guaranteed to keep the fun going all night.

1. Play Online Games

Just because you’re in a virtual hangout doesn’t mean you can’t open other apps or browsers to play online games together. Right now, you’re spoilt for choice, as the Apple and Android app stores are overflowing with different multiplayer games.

For some heart-racing excitement, you and your friends should open up Fortune Games. Here, there are loads up of different casino and slots games for you to play. Be prepared, though, as time flies by when you play slots. One second, it’s 6:00PM, the next, it’s midnight. Basically, you’ll get lost in the fun!

2. Compare Music Playlists

Are you and your friends Spotify fanatics? Or maybe you’re all Apple Music users? Whatever the case may be, you should compare music playlists in your next virtual hangout. You can put each other onto the current singles and albums you’re listening to, and can team up to create the ultimate joint playlist.

3. Plan Your Future Weddings

Planning your future wedding is a fun activity for both guys and girls (beware, though, there’s currently a flower shortage!). You can even plan where you want your bachelor weekend to be – Vegas, anyone?

4. Have Some Light-Hearted Fun With Filters

Most virtual hangout apps come with built-in filters. For example, Snapchat has literally thousands of them. You can then favourite the ones you like the most and put them on during hangouts. Here are some of the funniest Snapchat lenses to surprise your friends with! It is the perfect solution to keep things entertaining between you and your friends.

5. Do A 10-Minute Gift Rush

Let’s say that you and your friend are hanging out on Zoom. For a 10-minute slot, you should turn off your mics, go shopping, and return with email receipts for the surprise gifts you’ve just got each other! Rather than just having a normal catch-up with each other, it keeps the conversation exciting and provides plenty of suspense.

6. Catch Up On Netflix Shows

In today’s world, it can be hard to find time to stay up-to-date with your favourite Netflix series – but virtual hangouts provide the perfect opportunity. Organise a time and day where you can sit down with all of your friends at the same time, create or go to your group chat, and discuss the programme after or during if you don’t mind texting while watching.


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