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Everything You Need To Know About Gravity Water Filters

by James Vinse

If you are thinking of getting a water filter system and you are looking for one that doesn’t require much maintenance, then you should consider getting a gravity water filter. This type of water filter is one of the easiest to maintain. Another good thing about it is that it doesn’t require electricity before it can function.

To learn more about this device and where to find the best gravity water filter, read on.

What Is A Gravity Water Filter? 

As the name indicates, a gravity water filter is a device designed to remove contaminants from polluted water using gravity. A gravity water filter has two chambers— the upper chamber and the lower chamber.

During a filtration process, the water is usually poured into the upper chamber. The lower chamber is where the clean water is collected. The gravity water filter is perfect for people without a constant electric power supply. This is because it doesn’t require electricity to function. 

Overview of Gravity Water Filter 

A Gravity water filter employs the force of gravity to push down water through a filter. The water to be filtered is usually poured into it from the top, just like with most filter methods and devices. If you live in a place with low-quality tap water or you’re unfortunate to be in a place with a questionable water supply, but the poor power supply, you can completely rely on gravity water filters to help keep your water clean.

How Does It Work? 

The main component of the gravity water filter responsible for trapping Impurities is located in the upper chamber of the device. This filter component is equipped with microscopic pores designed to block contaminants and other pollutants from passing through it. This way only water without impurities is allowed to pass through to the lower chambers. Through this process, contaminated water is made safe and ready for drinking.

Since many water filter manufacturers are now producing gravity water filters, each model now comes with different designs of filter elements. However, the two-chamber system still stands. 

Types Of Gravity Water Filters

Like other water filtration systems, gravity water filters come in several variations and each of them has its special purposes and advantages.

Listed below are types of gravity water filters: 

Ceramic Gravity Water Filter

The Ceramic Gravity Water Filter is most suitable for people who are both sensitive and allergic to the use of chemicals. This type of water filter does not use excessive chemicals. It only requires that one puts water inside the top ceramic chamber and starts running the system. 

Stainless Steel Gravity Water Filter

One of the notable features of this water filter is that it’s often huge in size. Stainless Steel Gravity Water Filter doesn’t break easily, unlike the Ceramic type. More also, it is light in weight and doesn’t demand complex installation.


Gravity Bag Filter 

The gravity bag filter is another type of water filter, suitable for those who often travel. It is also known as the gravity water bag filter which is the real on-the-go filter unit. Its manufacturers make it with campers and hikers in mind. They know how stressful carrying a heavy water filter on a trip can be.

Pros and Cons of Gravity Water Filter


  • It is one of the most effective and simple water filtration systems available.
  • It comes in different sizes and shapes.
  • It can be positioned anywhere in a home. So if you need it in your room or kitchen, you can just move it there.
  • This type of water filter requires little maintenance. You only need to replace the filter once or twice a year, depending on what is suggested by the manufacturer.
  • Electricity is not required to run this system.
  • It can be built from scratch if one chooses to.


  • Its replacement units are a bit on the high side compared to other types of filters.
  • Cleaning some gravity filters is time-consuming. Unlike other types which can be cleaned easily and quickly. 

Gravity water filters are perfect for everyone. Whether you live alone or you have a big family, there is a gravity water filter designed just for you.


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