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Everything You Need to Know about Parental Control

by Devin Jones
Everything You Need to Know about Parental Control

Reading daily news has made things obvious that our kids are not safe in the world of the internet. But operating systems, iPhone and Android have brought the parental control built-in features to help the parents setting up the digital rules for children. 

Parental control helps a lot to minimize internet threats for kids. All you need is to learn how parental control works and how both operating systems Android & iPhone provide the built-in feature. 

In this article, we will discuss how to set up parental control in both operating systems.

How Can we Set Parental Control on Apple devices or iPhones?

Parents often hand over the iPhones or iPads to their kids, but unfortunately, third-party parental control apps do not work on Apple devices (without jailbreaking). Now, parents can use Apple built-in features to monitor kids. How can we set parental control on the Apple device?

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Enable Guided Access
  3. Choose the apps to Set Control
  4. Block Inappropriate Content 
  5. Choose App Categories
  6. Set Communication Limit
  7. Apply Content & Privacy Restriction 
  8. Set Up Screen Time 
  9. Block the Apps on iPhone
  10. Parent Restriction Settings to add Adult Content Filter

         And Many More!

How to Set Parental Control on an Android Phone?

With 2.5 billion active users, Android has become the most popular operating system these days. It might be possible that your kid is using an android phone, but you can set parental control with the following steps.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Turn on Parental Control
  3. Create a PIN 
  4. Restrict access to inappropriate websites
  5. Set the Restriction on in-app purchase on Google Play
  6. Set the Time Limit
  7. Set age Restriction for Music, Videos, Movies, Books, etc.

Well, using these built-in features can help you to reduce the risks of cyber dangers around your children. But let us tell you that these parental controls can be changed and managed by your kids. Because kids are aware of technology trends than the parents, and they always learn new things except cyber dangers (learn after expriencing such threats). Fortunately, you can minimize the risks by using third-party apps for android phones.

Using android monitoring app, parents can track the kid’s activities remotely on stealth mode. This way, they can help their children to survive in the internet world without letting them interact with online predators and other dangers. 

Let’s clear the air by exploring facts of android spyware.

Android Monitoring Apps – How these Tools Provide Parental Control Solution?

Many popular platforms provide android monitoring apps that allow the parents to get whereabouts and other activities alert 24/7. Such third-party apps work secretly in the background and collect the data & send it to the end-user without letting the user know. Parents need to access the child’s phone physically for once to install the app. After installation, the end-user can monitor the target phone remotely. Parents can take actions against any suspicious activity and lock the screen remotely along with many other features.

Wrapping Up

We cannot deny the rapid rise in internet dangers and also can’t overlook that most victims are the grooming kids. Parents can use the built-in features of smartphones to set the filters, but our children are smarter and can manage built-in features. Parents can use third-party apps to set the in-depth parental control settings, which work on stealth mode and keep the kid’s confidence too. 

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