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Famisafe: The Best Children Tracker App 2021

by Naveen Agarwal
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Every day the smallest of the house begins to connect to the Internet earlier: through the mobile or the tablet, they begin to become familiar with the Networks network and watch cartoons on YouTube, use educational applications and even speak with their relatives through Skype or social media.

However, they soon want to use the Internet without adult supervision or the adult has other things to do and lets them connect. The problem is that generally without knowing it, they face significant problems in their online adventure, so it is necessary to educate them well and teach them to navigate and know the dangers to avoid them.

Sometimes, the desire to be able to track a cell phone is natural. You will want to know what they are doing in cyberspace. Unfortunately, this knowledge is rarely known by most parents. And finally they use coercive means which result in conflicts with their children.

That’s why it is highly recommended that parents use a good parental control program. This type of software allows you to have remote control of the navigation that the little ones perform, and allows you to establish firewalls so that they do not access certain web pages, or to prevent them from using instant messaging programs with people they do not know.

Choosing good parental control software is not easy, as you need to know its functions well. In addition, it should be easy to use and configure, so that parents do not feel lost trying to make it work. The fact that it can be controlled and accessed from different devices (computer, mobile, tablet) also makes it easier for parents to manage permissions and allows them to have more control over their children’s use of the Internet.

In this sense, we have been testing FamiSafe Parental Control App for the last few days, a parental control application that can be a very good solution to satisfy the needs of most parents when it comes to ensuring the online safety of the smallest of the House.

One of the key points it has is the possibility of locating children and knowing from where they are connecting to the Internet. There are more and more access points: computers, mobile phones, but also game consoles, smartwatches … With this software you can change and control the configuration of the terminals anywhere and have access to a history of their locations, to know what their locations are. patterns of behavior when connecting.

Thus, it is not only controlled if they connect to the Internet from home but it is also possible to know if they do so from school with their mobile and which pages they visit. If, for example, at some point, the child connects from a place that she should not, the father may receive a warning if the application has been configured for this purpose.

Another of the strengths of FamiSafe is the possibility of configuring the tool to prevent any type of suspicious action that children may carry out on the Internet: writing an email or talking through an instant messaging system with people they do not know, being exposed to adult content, receiving bad words and texts that could be the object of bullying and harassment …

Parents can also receive notifications in these situations, which guarantees that while they are not notified the child is carrying out a healthy browsing exercise on the Internet. The software takes care of this constant monitoring exercise to ensure your peace of mind.

With FamiSafe you can also control the time the child spends online and prevent access once she has exceeded the stipulated minutes of connection per day. Tools can also be blocked from accessing them if desired.

Using this software is very simple. You just have to create an account on the official website and, later, download the application from Google Play for Android or from the Apple Store for devices with the iOS operating system. By doing so, parents will be able to have full control over their little ones’ activity on the Internet at any time and from anywhere.

Here are the download links you can use:

Google Play   

App Store

Amazon Store


This app only provides 3 days of free use as a consideration for you to test if this is for you. If you want to continue subscribing, you must choose one of the 3 pricing plans below:

Monthly plan: $ 9.99 / month

Annual plan: $ 59.99 / year

Quarterly plan: $ 19.99 / quarterly

With a monthly plan, you can control up to 5 different devices; with annual, you can control up to 30 devices; with quarterly, you can control up to 10 devices. It is recommended to take an annual plan because the monthly costs you have to pay are cheaper.


FamiSafe is truly a children tracker and parental control application that can significantly minimize the risk of Internet dangers. For only $ 9.99 / month maximum, your kids’ safety will be much more guaranteed.

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