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Filing a drunken driving accident claim is pretty different from the other accident claims that involve collisions. When filing a drunken driving claim you should know how the claim in itself can impact your right to compensation and may increase the value of your case.

Difference between Drunken Driving and other Crash Claims

While the basic laws of vehicle accidents do apply to a drunken driving case during the wreck claims, there are a few other laws that apply in this situation as well. The basic laws however involve the compensation for your medical expenses, physical and mental damages and all other possible expenses that may involve a crash claim. As for drunken driving, you can also sue the other party based upon the following reasons.

Criminal Charges:

Drivers caught in accidents involving alcohol or other drugs may face criminal charges if they plead guilty or are convicted for this particular action. This can prove to be very strong evidence in your case and may call for an investigation. Whether it is a DUI or DWI, the liability can often be traced back to more than just the driver themselves. There’s a possibility that it may involve a bar or a vendor or a restaurant that was responsible for allowing a person to drink beyond the point of intoxication or drive under influence. In cases where an establishment has served a customer beyond limits, the establishment may also be responsible for damages.

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Punitive damages

Accidents caused by drunken driving are proof of negligence and may be easier to prove just by a blood alcohol content test (BAC) in order to ascertain if intoxication was the cause of the crash. You still might need to prove that the intoxication itself caused the accident. In cases where you are able to prove that the driver’s negligence and drunken driving was the cause behind the crash, then as a victim you are entitled to punitive damages. Punitive damages in order to punish the liable party are mostly possible in drunken driving cases in comparison to other motor vehicle accidents.

Insurance claim

In cases of drunk driving, you’re more liable for receiving insurance money. The drunken driver’s insurance company shall take the claim for your compensation seriously if it is proven that the driver was under the influence of alcohol. However this process may be more complicated than the others; however, at least the insurance company will be reluctant to take this case to trial.


If you have been a victim of a car accident that may involve a case of intoxication then it is better to consult an experienced accident lawyer and review your options. As a victim of drunken driving you are entitled to more compensation than the normal collision based accidents. These may involve getting damages compensation from all the liable parties involved. The compensation can be for both physical and mental damages. However it is also possible that an accident may not be caused by the intoxication itself and may have other causes rather than moderate drinking. For Bail Bonding services in such cases you can reach out to 24 hour bail bonds Hamilton County TN.