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6 Financial App Development Ideas for Startups in 2021

by James Vinse
6 Financial App Development Ideas for Startups in 2021

The banking and financial industry’s embrace of technology has shifted the landscape 180 degrees. Fintech, or the fusion of finance and technology, has improved the ecosystem’s ease while also making it more safe, fast, and lucrative. It has created new possibilities, catered to the needs of the underprivileged, and even had a noticeable impact on other companies.

Banking and fintech companies provide a more convenient, on-demand experience for services such as peer-to-peer payments, financial advising, money management, and loans through mobile applications.

According to Goldman Sachs, the world of finance is changing substantially because of digital payments and AI financial advisors. The investor community is eager to get involved in this area and is investing millions in financing numerous different finance-based startups and finance-based businesses.

1. Loan Lending App

This sort of application might act as a link between borrowers and lenders. They can establish contact and meet their loan-related obligations. A loan lending app enables lenders to access a larger audience and lend money at a greater interest rate.

Similarly, it can give borrowers a platform to interact with numerous lenders and pick the one offering the best interest rate. Ensure that you provide security and privacy options to reassure your users.

2. Personal finance management app

Again, a personal money management application is one of the greatest financial app ideas to explore for simply entering this industry.

With customers becoming more aware of their incomes and savings, these applications gain momentum in the market, prompting investors and entrepreneurs to develop personal finance app concepts.

These programs serve as a tool for app users to classify their spending and revenues and track them in real-time to know better how to invest their finances intelligently and efficiently.

3. Blockchain App

Blockchain technology is advancing at a breakneck pace; individuals are increasingly utilizing bitcoin to conduct online transactions. As a result, creating a blockchain application that enables users to complete transactions using bitcoin may be a profitable venture for your company.

Veem, Circle, LAToken, PayStand, and We.trade are just a few existing apps on the market. If you’re considering developing this kind of service, you may examine Veem or other similar apps to better understand their business model, revenue approach, and other aspects.

4. Insurtech Apps

FinTech applications use artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, blockchain technology, and machine learning to provide their clients with world-class financial services. They can analyze large amounts of data about customer knowledge, consumer behaviour, and market trends. 

Insurtech applications offer highly customized and individualized risk assessments and choices. Insurance businesses may use FinTech app solutions to streamline processes and enhance the quality of their client service.

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5. RegTech Apps 

RegTech app is the fastest-growing financial app concept. These financial organizations may better comply with global and local norms and regulations by using the appropriate apps. Processes such as client identification verification, monitoring procedures, report preparation & submission, and more are performed by these apps. 

To boost client retention and enhance customer happiness, the app aims to infuse these applications. As a new basis for fintech business, such an app may assist guide a financial organization on its day-to-day activities.

6. Banking Apps 

Digital banking is the simplest and most heavily funded fintech app concept. Almost every financial institution nowadays is attempting to develop a baking application to serve its clients better.

Several years have been critical for financial institutions, as consumers increasingly engage with banks via mobile devices. They have lost interest in visiting banks or ATMs to get money or make payments to others.

People now love transferring money, establishing accounts, depositing funds, adding beneficiaries, and much more via digital banking systems. These platforms enable them to do so with a few easy clicks without waiting in line for hours.


Whether you already have a financial concept or have chosen one from the list above, Zennaxx can assist you in mobile application development services and bringing it to life. All you need to do is give us your application needs or business objectives, and we will provide a feature-rich, scalable app within your budget. The financial sector is thriving at an unprecedented pace due to the advancement of technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain.

People are increasingly depending on mobile apps for money transfers, investing, and other financial transactions. That is one of the primary reasons why more people will be taking the digital approach when it comes to finances,

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