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Find The Right Timber Sash Window Repairs For Your Property

by Naveen Agarwal
Timber Sash Window Repairs

Regular maintenance is part of every property ownership. This means taking care of every aspect of your house starting from roof to the front and backyard. For every part of the house, there are expert service providers that specialize in the area and the same goes for your timber sash window repairs too.

Here are a few tips and advice that you can follow so that you get the perfect contractor who will keep your windows working smoothly. You should never opt for the first timber sash window repair company you come across. Instead, you can shortlist a few companies before making up your mind.

You can ask your friends for a recommendation. Often word of mouth travels far and beyond which will help you can get the contacts of a reputable company from people you know. If you are unable to get good recommendations, you can always search the internet. There are many companies all across Australia who can renovate or repair your sash windows.

Read Reviews and Comments About Different Companies Before Choosing

Thanks to the internet and the world of social media, you can get all the reviews and ratings of any contractor. Before hiring any company you should check their social media handles if they have any or if they have any websites and read the different comments to understand the quality of service offered by the company. You can even contact the clients who used their services to get a good idea on the level of craftsmanship.

Go through the different pictures of Timber Sash Window Repairs which will help you gauge their work, finishing, and techniques. You can also follow some of the different bloggers and social media influencers who regularly review these types of services. You can get good recommendations from different forums as well. Make sure the company you select is reputable and has the necessary experience. There are some unprofessional contractors who do not have experience in Timber Sash Window Repairs and employ inexperienced staff. Make sure you stay away from such companies.

Window Repairs

Look for All-Round Expert Solutions

When hiring a company for Timber Sash Window Repairs look for someone who is an expert in repair and renovation. There are different contractors who will refurbish all types of windows no matter how modern or how old the windows are. You should opt for someone who knows different types of windows and their mechanism and this way you will get optimum service including repair and servicing. Some of the general services provided by reputable Timber Sash Window Repairs include:

  • Releasing windows that have been stuck in a certain position
  • Installing a completely new sash cord for windows that have been torn or damaged so that the window can regain their balance.
  • Draft seat the sash windows for better energy efficiency and acoustic
  • Replace broken or scratched glasses
  • They will also install any kind of lock you want on the window including the child lock.


Heritage windows with traditional double hanging timber counterbalances lend a certain charm to any building. Moreover, they were built to last long with the best designs possible. In order to retain their beauty and function, you should restore them and hire a reputable company for regular maintenance. With the right timber sash window repair contractor you will be able to enjoy the benefits of these windows for many more years to come without any major repairs. Restoring these windows may be cheaper than you imagine if you contact a few reputable contractors in your neighborhood and get a quote on how much the restoration and repairs will costs you.

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