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First-Time Car Insurance Buyer’s Guide

by Naveen Agarwal
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Excited about buying your first car? Don’t forget the compulsory Car Insurance Online that you must purchase to roam about freely with your new car.

For most of us the first big purchase that we dream to own once we start earning a livelihood is a four-wheeler. Of course, it is the most exciting item that we love to possess. Though, driving your dad’s car may be an option, but the pleasure of having your own is beyond words. In such excitement, most people tend to forget about the most important aspect of driving a car –  a vehicle insurance. An obligatory car insurance policy is something that no car owner can do away with. So, once you start planning and looking for a brand new car, it is essential to plan to buy a car insurance online. This is because, it is an offense as per Indian Motors Act to drive a car without insurance in India.

In this blog, we are providing the buyer’s guide to all the first time car insurance policy seekers. So, if you are planning to invest on a car insurance online for the first time, you must read on to know the important facts before buying the best car insurance policy for your four-wheeler.

Below Are the Key Points to Remember:

  • Reliability – The reliability of the insurance company is the top most aspect to check while buying your car insurance online. Is the insurer trustworthy? Do they have enough cashless garages? Will they be able to comply with your claim? All these and many more questions that come to your mind while choosing your insurer needs to be answered before you pick the insurance company. Also, check the registration and license number of the company to stay away from fraudulent cases while buying car insurance online.
  • Premium Cost – There are insurers who offer a cost-effective premium. However, the coverage facilities that they offer are restricted. On the other hand, there are policies which offer complete coverage but they are too expensive. So, it is important to balance the two by means of comparison to get the best choice.
  • Complete Protection – Car damages can be of different types and of different range. However, you might know that not all types of damages are covered under car insurance policies. So, while buying a policy, it is important to check what all coverage you need and what all coverage is offered under the policy.
  • Add-On Cover – Each insurer offers certain add-on coverage that the insured can avail by paying an extra premium. These additional protections help car owners to avail of maximum cover as per their car and its requirements.
  • Network Garages – If your insurance company provides an extensive network garage facility, it means that you can avail cashless car repair facilities in these garages. This way, you won’t require to pay for the repairs from your pocket, while the payment will be made by the insurer directly. All you need to pay is the deductible amount from your side.
  • Claim Settlement – Unforeseen events bring about a lot of suffering in terms of financial, mental and physical ordeal. With an insurer that presents a seamless process of claim settlement you can expect certain amount of relaxation of getting your claims settled efficiently.
  • Study the market well – Like buying a car, which is a big purchase that no one does without considering the market trends and much deliberations, similarly buying car insurance online for your first car is also a key decision that requires enough consideration. So, look for the best source where you can compare policies and check the coverage available under different parameters as mentioned above to obtain the best policy for your car. PayBima by Mahindra  Insurance brokers is one such reliable source where you can compare and get the best policy along with receiving the best deals and discounts

To Conclude

Since you cannot imagine driving your car without insurance, so planning about the right policy for your first car is important and it should be done as soon as you plan to buy your first car. In India, there are several insurance plans being offered by a large number of insurance companies. So, keeping your options open is essential while seeking policies so that you grab the best deal.

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