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Garage Modifications to Increase Your Home Value

by Naveen Agarwal

Some residents see the garage as a place to park their vehicles. Others have grander ideas, such as a workroom or a whole new living space. Will the renovations, on the other hand, increase the value of your home? The answer is that it is possible. A well-organized and modified garage will undoubtedly aid in the sale of your house.

For many people, garages are a must in order to avoid braving the elements when bringing groceries home or even just walking to and from the car. Because of where one lives, a garage has a very better value for money.

However, renovations that seem perfect for your family—such as converting your garage into a playroom for teenagers—might deter a potential buyer. So, before you tackle this often-overlooked area, seek advice from the professionals like Garage Door Opener Winter Garden FL. Here are some suggestions:

Put A Functional Garage Door

Homebuyers aren’t going to like a heavy wooden door that takes muscle to open physically. Instead, mount an automatic garage door or replace the old door with a lightweight aluminum one. The door is valuable when it comes to reselling. It’s a good idea to have the new door in a color that matches the structure of the house. So, make sure to contact Garage Door Repair Winter Garden FL.

Apply A Smart Storage Strategy

It’s great to store out-of-season items in your garage, but overcrowding the room with baseball equipment, plastic bathtubs, and other similar items can set a bad precedent. It gives the impression that the home is too small.

A little shelving can go a long way. Installing heavy-duty bridge decks or purchasing uniform freestanding shelves built to fit with large bins is the most cost-effective option. Simply secure freestanding cabinets to the walls to prevent them from tipping over and injuring someone.

Install Nice Lighting

If you don’t already have them, have an electrician mount motion-sensitive lighting. Add more if they aren’t bright enough. A shadowy garage is not only unappealing to potential customers, but it is also potentially dangerous. Installing two 48-inch shop lights with LED bulbs (each of 4,000 lumens, around 40 watts) for each car room is a good idea.

Let Your Car Rock The Space

Keep the room mainly for storing your vehicle. Repurposing a garage (or even half of a two-car garage) as a drawing studio, furniture replanting area, or craft room will not increase the value of your house. In reality, it can be detrimental to your listing, especially if the potential buyer does not share your vision for the property. A living space above the garage will increase the value of your home, particularly if it includes a kitchen and full bathroom.

Add An Entrance Door

If you have a detached garage, having a contractor build a door for visitors eliminates the need to constantly open and shut the main garage door. A private entrance is a significant enhancement. Similar to a crumbling or cracked driveway, if the exterior of the garage appears desolate, it could deter potential buyers. Before they walk through the door, buyers form an image of the home. And the garage is always the first aspect they notice.

Cover And Vent The Space

It makes sense to insulate the walls and floors of an underground garage if you reside in an area of extreme heat or cold. You’ll be able to take advantage of some of the home’s temperature control, which will help shield you and your vehicle from the elements.

To keep draughts at bay, apply weather stripping to the sides and bottom of the entrance. Also, make sure the attached garage is fully vented to prevent carbon monoxide from entering the home. Install a carbon monoxide detector to detect dangerous levels of anything.

Put An Easy-To-Clean Floor

Make the floor simple to clean by painting it with an epoxy finish. It has a significant impact. While concrete is porous, if it is painted or sealed, oil from the car will not stain the floor. In the eyes of a buyer, this DIY measure will literally make a dull concrete floor shine.

Add More Electrical Options

Install two GFCI (waterproof) electrical sockets per garage wall—a total of six in a one-car garage if you don’t yet have them—just as you would in a home. It’s a minor extra expense with a large payoff. It’s also a good idea to have a fire extinguisher installed.


Garages have a huge effect on a home’s total value. Buyers won’t necessarily take the time to look at your property if it doesn’t have a driveway. Besides, a house without a garage will almost always sell for much less than a house with one. Thus, you need to make wise investments.

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