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Get to know and choose your perfect email checker

by James Vinse
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Email checker is a tool that helps you with an uneasy task like email marketing. Your emails have to be engaging and properly organized according to the data about your users. A good mail tester like this one does that for you and ensures your email not to be found in the spam folder. But what is a good email tester and what features does it have? We have prepared a deliberated list of email automation tools with all the pros and cons they have. Study the article and choose your most convenient one.

MX Toolbox mail tester

MXToolbox email automation tool offers innovative solutions for the comprehensive analysis of server systems. This allows you to track and test your campaigns.

Advantages of using MX Toolbox:

  • reports on sender policy structure
  • a comprehensive report about domain verifying, and compliance
  • you can identify domain keys
  • rendering issues are analyzed
  • you can check IP reputation and get a notification if it’s risky
  • identification of senders’ geolocation

Disadvantages of using MX Toolbox:

  • membership annual renewal that is automatic
  • it is difficult to cancel it early


The second email automation tool we’ve checked for pros and cons is a Mail-tester. It is doing the analysis of your emails for you. After the analysis, it is sent to the address given (individual account or a few of them).

Advantages of using Mail-Tester:

  • accurate spam check
  • you can test the authentication
  • HTML examination
  • vast domain analysis
  • improvement advice

Disadvantages of using Mail-Tester:

  • the tool sometimes applies outdated real-time blacklists, lowering the sender rating despite the ideal IP address


MailTrap is a mail tester tool by using which you get the checking of your emails without clients’ disturbance. This anti-spam email automation checker analyzes the data quickly and quietly. It can also be used to test your campaigns in different environments, like development and staging.

Advantages of using Mailtrap:

  • it has many mailboxes
  • qualitative checking of the emails
  • you can check messages before sending and forward them
  • redirect your emails
  • review each letter one by one in case of a need to take a close look at HTML issues
  • vast domain health checks

Disadvantages of using Mailtrap:

  • you can check a few emails in a free account

Sender Score mail tester

This tool makes estimates after checking the data within 30 days. This way, it helps you analyze your reputation. It also provides a deep understanding of how to work with that information and improve delivery rates.

Advantages of using Sender Score:

  • you see the scores (from 0 to 100) of your emails and can do a comprehensive analysis of reputation
  • Estimating the rank of an IP address
  • accurate calculation of the speed of delivery of letters

Disadvantages of using Sender Score:

  • It may not take into account some of the factors that other tools would take into account, but it does take into account important ones.

TrustedSource email automation tool

If you are familiar with McAfee then get to know its online mail tester tool: TrustedSource. It helps you check your website URL and suggests alternative sorting. Make sure that your request is within the normal range when it takes 3-5 business days to be completed. Although, if it requires certain information to be collected, it can take more time to accomplish the goal.

Benefits of using a trusted source:

  • online email testing
  • reputation analysis of the mail domain
  • it gives DNS data and mail servers data
  • deep understanding of the domain and its history
  • the research of domain relations

Disadvantages of using a trusted source:

  • a response may take longer to be received
  • outdated online ratings


It is the first checker with a free reputation analysis of your letters in this article. It is a really simple program that makes researching your email’s effectiveness juicy quick. You only have to insert your domain name or IP and see the results given after thorough data analysis.

Advantages of using Talos:

  • testing multiple email service providers
  • analysis of email volume
  • checking the blacklist
  • designating web reputation as good, neutral or bad (the last two characteristics indicate that your campaigns need to be improved)

Disadvantages of using Talos:

  • there are no all-purpose solutions; 
  • you can’t get an in-depth explanation of specific problems.

Email Deliverability Services allows you to establish a connection with your clients. Being easy to operate, it is one of the most promising marketing tools, highly cost-effective. Imagine, that you need to collect your contacts all in one place quickly, send them effective emails, and do the competent mailing. You have to understand that this is basically the only option to be treated seriously and be interesting to your customers. So, choose your email tester wisely! 

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