For the environmentally conscious, choosing eco-friendly and sustainable clothing is a necessity rather than an option. However, many claim that even though they would love to leave behind a tinier carbon footprint and buy sustainable, chemical-free, and environmentally friendly clothing, the options available fail to meet demands regarding apparel. It is especially the case for innerwear and underwear such as bamboo bras.


Bamboo fabric is moisture-wicking. Bamboo bras are moisture-wicking because of their fibres. This plant grows in climates that are humid and moist. The plant can absorb moisture and retain it to help it grow. Bamboo is a fast-growing tree. For it to grow fast, it will require a lot of water.

Odour Resistant

The fabric should never absorb and trap odours. But it is the case with many synthetic performance grade fabrics. Because of the composition of synthetic fibres and their chemical treatment, many articles of clothing designed for sweat-related activities trap odour in the fibre, which is impossible to get rid of. But the bamboo fabric is one of the few materials that is naturally odour-resistant.

Natural UV Protection

Skin cancer is a real and prevalent concern. With plenty of people passionate about nature and activities outdoors, it is crucial to wear clothing with UV protection. UV protective clothing can prevent the sun’s rays from harming your skin.

Bamboo Fabric Is Hypoallergenic

Bamboo fabric doesn’t have to be treated with chemicals or blended with many heavy synthetic fibres to create optimum performance capability. As such, there are no ingredients in a bamboo fabric that will irritate sensitive skin. Instead, you will find that bamboo fabric is super soft and luxurious. It is gentle on the skin but can be tough as nails for high-octane and demanding performances.

Climate Control

The consistency of bamboo fibre is very porous. The fibres have small gaps in them that allow for the free flow of air. This ventilation system makes bamboo fabric one of the world’s best thermal regulating fabric materials.

In cooler temperatures, bamboo fabric can trap body heat and keep you warm without making sweat stick against your skin that makes you feel damp and cold. Bamboo fabric wicks away moisture that can leave you feeling humid. Bamboo allows for the free flow of air in and out of the garment to cool you down.

Easy Care

With its broad spectrum of benefits, you would assume that bamboo fabric clothing is delicate and must be washed in dry cleaners. But bamboo fabrics are surprisingly easy to maintain and can be washed at home.

Better Than Cotton

Cotton is smooth and breathable. But its disadvantage is it traps moisture because of its volume, whereas bamboo has moisture-wicking features that can dry quickly. It keeps away odour-causing bacteria.

Bamboo fibres are the best alternative for ordinary cotton. One kilogram of cotton requires 10,000 litres of water. From this amount, only a single pair of jeans is made.

A bamboo fibre’s moisture absorption capacity is better than cotton. Its cross-section is filled with many micro-holes and micro-gaps. Therefore, bamboo is capable of releasing trapped heat while having moisture absorbency.

Bamboo is cool to the skin, making it an excellent material for underwear. Moreover, it is sustainable and has a positive impact on the planet.


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