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Getting The Job Faster by Creating an Online Resume

by Naveen Agarwal
Online Resume

Getting the job faster by creating an online resume, or any other kind of resume for that matter, has become the primary issue for the majority of job seekers. To be honest, figuring out how to create a CV isn’t as easy as one would assume. You’ve probably heard queries like, “What should I highlight?” or “What should I leave out?” or “How lengthy should my resume be?” I’m sure you’re already feeling apprehensive. The questions are the same, but the job descriptions are never the same. It’s logical. The market, like job titles and duties, is broad. You must constantly adapt and conquer, at the risk of sounding a little like Bear Grylls.

Interviews are not contemporary battlegrounds, but you must still have a plan. But being prepared is usually a great idea. The interview is often seen as the first step in obtaining a job. It isn’t. It is not easy to create a resume. Your CV is your first formal encounter with that foreign planet, i.e., your recruiter. Resumes allow recruiters to look past the flashy suit you just purchased. And, although resumes may be deceiving, a skilled recruiter will know what to look for. So, the first piece of advice is to not lie. Demonstrate your great recall in a new way.

In this post, I’ll take you through what a Resume Templates should look like, what you should put in it, and some helpful suggestions depending on your career. A graphic designer’s résumé will look nothing like a dentist. It’s logical. Colours aren’t typically associated with dentists.

ATS: Applicant Tracking System

An ATS, or Applicant Tracking System, is a technology that helps recruiters sort through applications. Basically, we know that each job has its own set of needs. These criteria are typically centred on certain keywords or key phrases. That is why it is critical to structure your online CV. In the absence of such keywords, there is a significant risk that your resume will be lost in translation. And, despite the fact that you are more than qualified for the job, machines did not notice you.

What an Online Resume Usually Is?

A resume, curriculum vitae, CV, or whatever nomenclature you choose, is a document that details your job experience, education, abilities, and accomplishments. It’s a reflection of your professional history as well as your initial point of contact with your recruiter. The interviewer gets to know you before the interview by reading the paper section you give him. CVs are needed for virtually every job application, so be comprehensive while writing yours.

In most instances, the process of creating a resume suffers from the same problems.

How Can You Make an Online Resume?

This question summarizes the whole purpose of the article. As you’ve undoubtedly guessed by now, an online CV should adhere to a few fundamental guidelines. These principles will influence the overall quality and efficacy of the recruiting process.

One of the best tools for creating a very professional online resume is BOWWE.com

Why Should You Use SEO to Improve Your Resume?

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. In a nutshell, SEO is a procedure that attempts to enhance a website and its online presence in order to satisfy the criteria of search engine algorithms and appear high in search engine result pages (SERP), bringing in more visitors/potential customers.

The concept is similar to that of ATS software. If the program does not identify certain terms related to the job you are seeking for, it will reject your application.

Making a CV for a certain job necessitates the use of job-specific terminology. Add as many relevant keywords as possible while avoiding keyword stuffing. If you are a UX designer, for example, you may want to add keywords like prototype design, storyboarding, mockups, or wireframing.

Hard Skills vs Soft Skills

There is a difference between hard and soft talents when discussing skills.

Translatable, measurable, on-point abilities are referred to as hard skills. They enable you to meet certain (if not all) work criteria and may be obtained via training or experience. When it comes to them, there isn’t much space for interpretation. Photoshop is either familiar to you or unfamiliar to you. Soft skills, on the other hand, are more akin to characteristics. They are not specialized to a certain job, but rather more general and, in this respect, less specific. Soft talents include qualities such as empathy and teamwork.

Why Use an Online Resume Maker such as BOWWE?

With BOWWE you will definitely create a resume that looks as good as a resume of a professionalist with many years of experience – even if you have much less experience. With his help, you will be noticed by recruiters and – more possibly – will get a job. There are four compelling reasons why you should utilize BOWWE.com.

  • Simple
  • Fast
  • Unique
  • Hired

Basic Fundamentals of Creating Online Resume

It has to come to this. It’s time to go through the basics of creating a CV. These parts will form the foundation of your online resume.

Before we go, it is essential to note that the most typical approach when classifying your job experience and education is to do so in reverse chronological order, beginning with the most recent and ending with the oldest. This may not be appropriate for a baking recipe, but it is appropriate for your CV. It’s a minor but crucial element.

Because skills are perishable, the most recent ones are the most relevant for the job you’re looking for. They are (or should be) solidified, but they are also new, which is important. So, while writing your resume, use the reverse chronological order.


This is your resume’s initial part. Any recruiter will undoubtedly want to see some contact information here. This information typically consists of a phone number, an email address, and your address. Many professions need a physical presence; thus, the location and nation are important considerations.

Short Bio section/ About

This area gives you some leeway since there is no set standard for how it should appear. Try to limit it to a few lines and be as creative as possible while being professional. Write about how your ideal day or work might look for you. What are your goals, and what are your distinguishing features or characteristics?

Work Background

Now that the recruiter knows a little bit about you and how to reach you, it’s time to provide him with some data. By facts, I mean job experience. Why? Because your job experience and education are comparable to hard talents. They can be quantified and measured. If you worked as a real estate agent for five years, there is reason to think that you are knowledgeable in that field.

Education History

Some people skip this part, but we’ve found that it’s best practice to include it. Your educational history is a complement to your job history. It’s fantastic if you previously activated in the same region where you’re currently applying. Even so, it is preferable if you are also officially trained in that area.


Any kind of certificate or online course attendance should be stated since they are an annex to both your job history and education history.


Skills are next on the list. We previously touched on this topic when we discussed the difference between hard and soft abilities. In addition, attempt to identify the most relevant hard talents for the job you’re looking for, and then supplement them with some soft skills.


If there are any contests, articles, or mentions, they will appear immediately after the Skills section. As you’ve undoubtedly observed, we’re on a downward spiral in terms of relevance. Publications are essential, but they are mostly for you, not your employer. A publication may be replaced by experience, formal education, and training.


Now you know what a professional online resume should look like and what information should be included in all its parts. Remember that creating an online CV is your amazing opportunity to stand out. Most of your opponents for the vacancy will probably create a CV in a simple configurator. If you want to attract the interest of recruiters and gain an advantage from the very beginning – it will be easiest for you to create a CV with BOWWE! You just need to register on BOWWE.com to make your first online resume!


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