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Great Tools to Help Support Your Remote Marketing Team

by Naveen Agarwal
Remote Marketing Team

Running a business can be hard enough at the best of times, regardless of whether or not your employees are actually in the room.

For some, remote working has provided them with the ultimate freedom and flexibility they need to get the job done. For others, they would rather scream than have to spend one more second in their makeshift bedroom office.

Whatever the case may be, your employees will likely still need guidance and support along the way. For marketing professionals everywhere, being confined to remote working may have a negative effect on their creativity and ability to communicate efficiently between departments. Thankfully, there are some great tools to help them out.

SMS Marketing Platforms

For a refreshing take on the regular old email outreach extravaganza, why not supply your team with a highly effective SMS marketing platform? This could add a new edge to your marketing efforts while offering your employees a new responsibility, one that can allow them to directly engage with the customer.

The personable and direct nature of this channel, complete with its high interaction rate, are just a few reasons why political SMS marketing is so effective, so it might be worth taking a few hints from the campaign trail to streamline your processes.

Project Management Apps

Project management is often a big part of any marketing teams daily undertakings, but it can be fairly difficult without the right tools when working remotely.

This is partly because a great deal of communication is needed to make sure every single process is running as smoothly as possible and at what stage in the project each individual team member is at.

Project management tools like Trello and Wrike are probably worth checking out in this regard, as they can supply your team with a centralized location in which to edit work in real-time, freely communicate and share digital assets with ease.

Setting Boundaries with Helpful Software

Sometimes, getting caught up in the heat of a busy schedule and forgetting to take breaks can be a genuine issue when remote working. Taking breaks are important, as is setting boundaries and remembering to distance yourself from work when you are relishing in your free time.

There are some great software options to support your team with this, so it may be worth directing them to EVO, WorkRave, or Stretchly to indicate what to expect.

Tools to Help Boost Productivity

Marketing can be intensely complex, intricate and require a great deal of brainpower and commitment to do properly. Unfortunately, this is hardly ever easy when feeling unmotivated or unproductive.

If this is the case with your team, they might be able to benefit from a few great tools such as Krisp, a multifunctional app that can cancel background noise, or RescueTime, an anti-distraction tool that can keep your employees’ minds from wondering when they need to focus.

Building and supporting a remote team takes time and effort, and since the concept of the remote office looks like it might be here to stay, it is likely worth creating a supportive virtual working environment sooner rather than later.

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