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Here’s why a client portal is beneficial for a financial service organization!

by James Vinse
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If you run a financial service organization, chances are you need to find out new ways to engage customers and boost your target market. Although you may have a few loyal customers, you need to broaden your niche market to a larger audience so you can improve your daily sales and boost productivity. Let’s see how you can use one important technology to increase customer retention, build customer loyalty, improve your customer service, and use a cost-effective marketing method!

Benefits of client portals for financial service businesses

First – what are client portals? Before we can figure out the benefits of this new technology, we need to know what they do in your business and how they help your productivity levels. Simply put, client portals are useful in various types of businesses, ranging from small startups to massive corporations. Similarly, they are also quite useful for businesses in various sectors, such as construction, retail, and healthcare.

A client portal is seen as a gateway or path to allow easy access to a singular server and holding a place of important information. This information typically consists of digital files, data, products, services, and necessary information that can be easily tracked and found through the internet.

This type of technology makes it easy for users in a public space to join the business’ internet connection provider, making sure that every person in the geographical location has access to a server that can provide them with WiFi. Businesses that use a client portal have a higher chance at customer retention than those that do not provide any connection sources!

Builds customer loyalty

One of the main benefits of using a client portal is the enhanced customer loyalty that comes from offering these services to your clients. Instead of letting them connect to another public WiFi or not offering them any connection at all, your attempt at building a WiFi portal can help increase the chances they will stay in your store longer, come back for repeat business, and leave satisfied.

For example, if you own a cafe, many people go to coffee shops and cafes so they can remotely work. If you do not offer WiFi, the client will have to use their own phone for a hotspot, which can drain their data in just a few hours. Offering the accessibility of a client portal makes it easy for customers to come back in the future.

Increased customer service

The second benefit of using a client portal is the higher customer service. Instead of just offering the bare minimum, such as the menus for your business, friendly staff, and a welcoming environment, you can go above and beyond by offering extras at your store. If you work at a retail store, you can offer a client portal so clients can log into WiFi and text their friends while they shop. If you have a cafe or restaurant, offering a client portal ensures customers can stay connected with their friends while they are seated at the table and waiting for them.

Cost-effective method

The last benefit of using a client portal for your business is the cost savings that come about from using this marketing and efficiency method. Instead of a more expensive option to get new customers, such as expansive marketing ploys that are not as effective, using this simple client portal is a beneficial way to get customers to not only come to your business for the first time but return in the future.

Although there are some costs upfront when using the client portal technology, the profit will far outweigh the initial price of what you’re paying. After all, cloud technology is getting less expensive as time goes on since it is becoming more popular and widely used around the world.


As you can see, using a client portal is one of the best ways you can retain customers, get new clients, boost customer satisfaction, improve accessibility, and save money in the long run! Using a client portal ensures a business can keep customers connected and happy by offering a seamless method to get connected to the internet. Just by offering this connection, businesses can increase the likelihood of a higher customer retention rate.

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