Should I Sell My Home Before I Buy

As a mom, you work so hard to make your place feel like home. The things you choose to fill the space of your house are items you’ve deliberated on for hours before deciding on that final choice of paint or that farmhouse canvas wall art that completes the look you wanted to achieve.

In this article, you will learn about the 7 trends in home decor that you can use to improve your home.

Cozy Kitchen Decor

We all start our days in the kitchen making breakfast, and you don’t even have to think about it. You routinely cook food for the family and have that coffee while you think about your day. The kitchen is often thought of as a place of routine and forgotten as something that is still a part of your home.

A carefully chosen piece of wall decor can turn that space into a cozy place of cooking for the family. Make the kitchen a more enjoyable place to have that morning coffee with that cherished piece of art.

Stylish Antique Works

We connect the idea of antiques to a fond memory of a time long gone. They carry with them a story of when someone cherished them, and now you can build on that significant tale by giving a beloved piece a new home.

More and more people are making the choice from fast fashion to a more environmentally friendly impact and decorating their homes with antique artwork and furniture to give it more character. And oftentimes, the craftsmanship is superior to anything you could purchase today that it will last you a lifetime.

Indoor rattan and wicker

The cool and comfy texture of rattan and wicker makes you feel nostalgic for visits to see your grandparents. But no longer is it attributed to only your backyard or your front porch. It has become a new trend to see the material used widely to decorate the interior of a room. It can be used for modern, transitional, and even boho styles that bring warmth and charm to your home.

Remembering with Vintage

Home decor trends tend to cycle and vintage is back in accents. People are mixing it in with other styles to add a touch of nostalgia and glamour, and you only need a few pieces to achieve it.

You can even repurpose some old items you found. That old trunk you bought can be turned into a bench for the living room. A vintage suitcase can be turned into a vanity for the dresser. How you use them is as flexible as you are creative.

Floral Wallpaper Beauty

The things that never leave are usually there to stay. Along with vintage decor accents, floral wallpapers have risen in popularity again to add a bold and colorful theme to your modern home. They can be quite fitting in powder bathrooms and foyers that can replace expensive artwork to create tons of visual interest. If you’re afraid it’s too much, keep in mind that there are different adhesive options you can go with.

High-Contrast Decor

The secret to building interest and intrigue is to add contrast. If you’ve always wanted to break the monotony of your living room color, consider adding a contrasting tone to make it pop. You can go big or small to achieve it. Decorate your white room with black throw pillows, a black coffee table, or small decorative items. The trick is to lean into it with moderation to give it balance.

A Wave of Blue

At the end of the day, your home is the one place you come back to relax and distance yourself from the rest of the world. It’s your safe space and you take great care in how it looks to make it feel that way. This year has a wave of navy blue painting the walls of people’s homes. It adds a wonderful, sophisticated contrast that is versatile to fit into any room.