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How Big of a Desk Do You Really Need?

by James Vinse

How much attention do you place on choosing a bed? Most people spend lots of time choosing a bed because humans spend a significant amount of time there – good sleep can pave the way to a healthy and productive life. However, not as many people research desks even though they spend more time at a desk than in bed. That’s right – one study in the UK showed that people spend 6.8 hours per day at a desk and only 6.4 hours in bed.

Well done for taking the time to learn about desks by reading this article – you’re going to discover the main considerations to keep in mind when making this decision.


Firstly, there’s no point looking at huge desks if you only have a small space. Whether you’re in an office or working from home as a result of the pandemic, think about the available space before considering desks. Know that these days, you’ll find desks for all occasions. Are you squeezing a small desk into the corner of the room or can you move things around and make more space?


If you’re planning to use the desk daily, it’s worth taking up more space compared to a desk that you’ll only use once every two weeks. For the latter, you’ll get away with a smaller desk. If you plan on working at the desk daily and go too small, it won’t be long before you’re frustrated with your decision.


Next, think about how you plan to use the desk? Does it need to hold a laptop and a cup of coffee (just as essential as each other on those early mornings!)? Or does it need to hold a big computer, a drink, paperwork, and more? Do you need room for a printer underneath? The more you need on and around the desk, the bigger desk you should choose.


Sometimes, money is the issue and those with a smaller budget might consider selecting a desk for sale from Hurdleys NZ to save money. Even if you want a huge, luxurious desk, your bank account may suggest that this isn’t possible. As a business, you especially need to think about budgets because overspending in the current environment could be the difference between survival and failure.


Remember, not all desks these days conform to the traditional standards and proportions. You’ll find corner desks, round desks, triangular desks, and more. You’ll also find some that come with shelving space built-in and this could remove the need for a filing cabinet elsewhere in the room.

Future Needs

Just because you need a certain desk now, this doesn’t mean that you’ll need the same desk in the future. If you expect to need something different in the future, consider this carefully. Perhaps it’s better to buy the right desk now and then you don’t have to invest again later down the line. Don’t buy a desk and then find that a replacement is necessary just weeks later.

Team or Alone

Finally, the market has more unique solutions than ever before. If you’re buying a desk for an office, consider investing in pods and other desk solutions that allow you to accommodate multiple people at once. With the right pod, you’ll make several people happy as they collaborate and communicate more freely.

With this in mind, keep your office needs in mind when choosing a desk. Perhaps you can change the layout and adopt an open-plan office rather than using cubicles. Choose a desk that matches the needs of yourself (or your employees!).


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