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How Oral Health Influences Your Body

by Naveen Agarwal
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Have you ever heard that health starts with the mouth? Yes, well, oral health influences your body in ways that maybe you don’t even imagine!

Diseases that arise in the mouth, especially in the teeth, can trigger even more serious problems within your body. There is also the reverse effect, when diseases that are in other parts of the body require treatments that affect oral health and trigger other uncomfortable situations, as happens during treatments against cancer, hypertension and others.

It turns out that when we talk about the problems that start in the mouth, we are directly referring to possible infections and complications that can reach the bloodstream, reaching various organs and spreading a problem that could be treated and even avoided.


Caries, for example, are caused by the accumulation of bacteria between the teeth, which take advantage of the dirt accumulated by the lack of brushing and flossing. As the problem progresses, it reaches deeper layers of the tooth, and may eventually reach the bloodstream.

That’s not the only way from bacteria to blood. Cuts to the mouth and tongue, thrush and injuries caused during chewing, biting the tongue or carelessness during brushing can also lead to infections in the bloodstream.

There is also research that relates gingivitis to the emergence of malignant tumors, given the migration of bacteria causing this disease to other organs and tissues of the body.

The consequences of oral diseases are several. If they spread throughout the body, the patient may suffer from heart, gastric, stroke, premature birth, pneumonia, and diabetes.

This issue of childbirth demonstrates some of the importance of dental follow-up during pregnancy. Visiting the dentist during pregnancy is essential, both to take care of one’s own health and to ensure the correct formation of the child’s teeth.


Oral health problems also impact mental health. Low self-esteem is a common problem for those suffering from yellowish teeth, bad breath, cavities and the like. Therefore, visiting the dentist not only means taking care of oral health and the aesthetics of the teeth, but also ensuring that the body and mind remain in order.

Not to mention that patients who have dental problems are much more likely to suffer from day-day relationships, because they become low self-esteem, do not communicate properly, close and begin to have problems in their work, home and with friends.


Visiting the dentist regularly is the first step. You will not want to go through the situations described above! Schedule your appointments, attend and continue firmly with your treatments.

Also, always brush your teeth after meals. Floss and use mouthwash. This will help keep your mouth free of bacteria, leading to a much healthier life.

Taking care of oral health is taking care of the body. Don’t forget it!

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