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How Screens Affect Postures

by Malik Nabeel Ali
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Have you ever noticed your posture when you are using your mobile phones? Just now, you might be sprawled on your sofa or chair while reading this? And just now, you will have noted the sweet pain starting from your neck and going all the way down through your spine.

Sitting all day on computers and other screens you get so into them that you forget what position you are in. we start from sitting straight and then solely bending down and down until we are in a very weird position, not so weird for us but it put a great deal of pressure on our spine.

Tweens these days complain about backache at such a young age, and the credit goes to us spending all day watching TV or using mobile phones. Excessive usage of screens puts continuous pressure on the spine, which results in acute or chronic backache.

Studies now show that young children are visiting doctors for back and neck problems. And what do you think is the underlying cause? Spending most of the time on PCs and cell phones is the main cause.

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Long-Term Effects:

The most devastating long-term effects of poor posture are seen in young children because bones are still in the growing phase. When the spine is under chronic or continuous pressure, it might start to change shape, resulting in a permanent change of posture, resulting in swayback, forward head posture, or slumped posture.

In adults where bones have fully grown, poor posture does not specifically change the shape or position of the spine; rather, it results in vertebral disc malformations, which can be very painful and can only be treated with surgical procedures.

Effect of Occupation on Posture:

If your work involves sitting in front of a computer all day, you might be a patient with chronic back and neck pain because the occupation puts a lot of pressure on your neck, shoulder, and back muscles. Shoulder, arm, and wrist muscles are also affected in addition to neck and back muscles.

Being slouched over a computer for an extended time not only affects your muscles but also puts a strain on ligaments, tissues, and joints. You might feel tired and pain whenever you try to stand straight. Poor posture can even lead to breathing issues; you will get worked up while breathing without even exercising.

Many chronic conditions can appear if you don’t pay much attention to your bad posture. And if you think that there is no way out, you are wrong, because bad posture can be corrected, you will have to put up a little work to it.

Easy Ways To Correct Bad Posture:

Correcting poor posture is no big deal just put a little effort into it, and you can stand taller again by lowering the strain on your joints, ligaments, and muscles, which help you in mobility.

Sit Correctly:

  • Try to sit straight with relaxed but not rounded shoulders.
  • Avoid crossing your legs so much. Try sitting on a chair where your feet can easily touch the ground.
  • Choose the height of the table according to your height and the height of your chair. Sit in a position where the working table is not too short or larger than you.
  • Position your laptop or computer according to your eye level. It should be equal to your eye level so that you can sit straight without forwarding your neck of the face.

Change Positions:

Sitting in one position can pressure the spine and back muscles; try changing your position every 20 to 30 minutes. Stretch your back after short intervals and walk for a minute or two before starting again.

  • Try doing something in which you can use the maximum muscles of your body. Try to flex your arms and back, then extend it.
  • Set the alarm on your phone to remind you every 30 minutes to develop a habit. This can also help refreshing up your mood.

Stand Tall:

We usually don’t pay much attention to our way of standing, but we should so that we can be aware of any bad habit we might be developing without even realizing it.

  • Stand straight with feet apart; it will help you increase the base of the body, thus increasing the overall balance.
  • Check your head or neck posture by standing in front of the mirror to move forward from the shoulder. It should be aligned with the shoulders; if it is forward, you have developed forward head posture. Try to pull your head back equal to the level of shoulders.

Observing your postures from time to time will help you keep a check and balance, and in this way, you will get to know if you are developing any bad posture so that you can correct it in time.

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