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How Social Media Influences Your Website’s SEO

by Naveen Agarwal
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If there is any digital marketing concept that attracts much discussion in the industry, it is the influence of social media on SEO. Does it or does it not? Is social media important to boost SEO results? Our SEO and social media depend on each other?

The posts on social media bring more visibility to the brand, but search engines do not consider social media links a ranking factor. However, what you post on social media will bring more visitors to the website and increase exposure.

That means social media doesn’t directly impact SEO but indirectly supports your attempts to increase the website rank and attract more users. Websites with a strong presence on social media have a better website rank. 

Social media and SEO work together and influence each other to increase brand awareness for your business. The point was proved yet again in a recent survey where 66% of the respondents said that social media and SEO are correlated and also shared tried and tested tips to use social media to boost SEO results.

Link Building Made Easy

Quality backlinks are identified by Google and result in a higher domain authority for the website. This shows how social media affects SEO in a roundabout manner.

Collaborating with Other Websites

Connecting with others in your niche and mutually helping each other is beneficial to both of you. Tag each other on social media posts, interview each other, and share links to posts on each other’s websites. Backlinking between two websites will help promote both brands among the users. The brand name will show up at multiple places on the internet.

Sharing Website Posts on Social Media Platforms

Any post/ blog that goes live on the website should be shared on social media to attract more visitors. But you have to ensure that your website is up to date and has a fast response time. InterServer has been providing reliable and affordable web hosting services. It will satisfy all your requirements to create a user-friendly website that can sustain the increase in visitors from various social media platforms.

Find Influencers to Promote the Brand

Influencers are ruling the internet these days. They can bring a fresh set of visitors to your website and convince their followers to try your products and services. Contact influencers from your niche market to get the best results for your efforts. This will bring more organic traffic to the website and help in increasing the domain authority.

Which Social Media Platforms are Popular?

From among the various social media platforms, the following are the most preferred and reliable sites that are sure to deliver SEO results for your business.


This is a versatile platform with high domain authority. Google crawls can detect Facebook links. You can share text, images, videos, links, maps, and Livestream videos on your Facebook page. You can directly connect with other users. The layout is user-friendly.


Instagram is becoming a popular effective social media tool. High-quality visuals appeal to the young audience. You can gain organic followers by using hashtags to reach more audiences. Instagram provides various tools for business profiles to analyze the reach of each post.


While Twitter has the same advantages as Facebook sans lengthy posts, it doesn’t have the same level of domain authority. It does, however, allow you to create and promote hashtags (for keywords) and compile all your posts under a hashtag.


With more users preferring to watch videos, YouTube has grown as a social media platform that delivers useful content to users. Sharing tutorials, behind the scenes, how-to videos, interviews with employees, etc., can bring organic traffic to your website.

Developing the Social Media Marketing Strategy for SEO

We have already seen how regular posts and interactions on social media can help boost your business. Your website will get more visitors, your brand will gain more visibility, you will see an increase in online and offline customers, and also get a higher ROI. But for this to happen, you need to develop a proper strategy to promote the brand on social media.

Who is the Target Audience?

Start by understanding who your target audience is. Which age group requires your products and services? Does your brand cater to a single-gender? Where is your business located? How far is your market reach? Marketing baby products to women aged over 60 doesn’t make much sense, does it?

What is the Aim of Social Media Marketing?

What do you want to get from this exercise? The strategy will be different for attracting visitors to the website and increasing personal interaction with the users. One focuses on sharing more links, while the latter focuses on responding to user comments and getting to know them.

Which Platform to Choose?

Once you decide on the above two factors, you can finalize the platforms to concentrate on. For example, you will find more youngsters on Instagram, people with various age groups on Facebook, and professionals on LinkedIn. Choose platforms that align with your business requirements.

What Kind of Content to Post?

This depends on the social media platform you finalize. Links don’t work on Instagram unless you put them in the stories (that too, available only after you have a minimum of 1000 followers) or in bio. YouTube is a video-based platform. Twitter has a character limit. You will need to create content based on the preferences of your audience on the social media platform you choose. This will increase user engagement, which, in turn, works to improve the website’s visibility.

Final Words

Social media and SEO will continue to influence each other. Be active on social media and let the social signals for SEO do their job in promoting your brand among a range of audiences. Remember that this requires constant effort and patience from your side. Take the assistance of reputed service providers to handle it on your behalf while you focus on building the core business. SEO professionals uses SpySERP tool, it helps businesses experiment with different marketing strategies, track and record results, and find new ways to optimize search engines.

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