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How to Add PDF Page Number in Preview 2021

by Naveen Agarwal

Creating your first PDF file is an exciting experience. Some people publish their e-books in PDF format while some use it to create online learning courses. However, giving it a professional look requires you to add page numbers to your file.

If you are creating it using a word processor, getting page numbers can be a bit challenging. Therefore, we found the perfect application that will help you add PDF page numbers in preview.

So, let’s start and discuss a few things about the solution.


CocoDoc is a reliable PDF editor designed to help people with all their PDF editing requirements. The platform is widely used by different companies to ensure a seamless editing process. It is famous because it comes with hundreds of useful tools to help you manage your files conveniently.

We will be using the same tool to add page numbers to a PDF file. It is because the platform offers a 14-day free trial and you won’t need to pay any amount of money to use its services. Another reason is its security which protects your data with the encrypted server.

Steps to Add PDF Page Number in Preview

Here we will discuss the easiest method to add page numbers to a PDF file. Follow these steps to do it.

Step1: Access CocoDoc’s Tool

Access CocoDoc’s Tool

The first step is to access the exclusive tool to add PDF page number online. After clicking on this link, it will take you to the service page of this tool. It is similar to the above picture. If you find any problem with the tool, you can create an account to save your progress and store your files securely.

Tip: You can log in directly using your Google account.

Step2: Upload File

The next step is to upload your file by clicking on the Choose File button. It will let you browse the files from your system or you can enter a URL that contains your PDF file. Another way to upload your file is by selecting it directly from your Google Drive or Dropbox account.

You can see the complete uploading process of the file on the same page. We recommend you check if the file is properly uploading before moving to the next step.

Step3: Add Page Number

Add Page Number

The next step is to add a page number to your PDF file. It will show you different page number options and you can select page number format, font size, font design, and some other details. After selecting all the options according to your preferences, click on the apply button and wait until the website completes the process.

Step4: Preview and Download

Your file is ready to download. It will show you a preview of your file so that you can verify all the changes. If you want to make some other changes to your PDF, you can use the options on your screen to edit or convert it accordingly.

If you do not wish to make any further changes, you can start by clicking on the Download button to download your file. You can also share the download link to share the file with someone else.

Other Tools Offered by CocoDoc

The best thing is that CocoDoc is equipped with hundreds of tools to help you edit a document. You can edit, convert, compress, merge, password-protect, or unlock a PDF file using this tool. The best part is that the solution is completely free and provides complete PDF editing solutions.

Therefore, it is much more reliable for a professional who needs to edit PDFs more often than others. Although it is not as advanced as Adobe Acrobat, the web-based solution of this platform is quite impressive. Thus, you can check out its website and use some advanced tools to edit PDFs on the go.

Final Words

You can edit your PDF to add page numbers with a simple command. All you need is to use the advanced PDF editor and upload your file. The tool provides different methods to add page numbers to your file. Also, it lets you choose the font, font color, font size, and the position of the page numbers.

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