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How to Analyse a Failed Business Loan and Bounce Back

by James Vinse
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It is a fact that not every business is meant to succeed in this world of tough competition. The failure of the business and the inability to pay back the business loan can have a devastating impact on any entrepreneur. At the same time, it is also a challenge that can be overcome with a “never say die” mentality and by learning the right lessons. There have been many instances in the business world where companies were able to overcome failures and get back on the right track.

In case you have a failed business loan as a burden, here are a few things that you can do to learn the right lessons and bounce back.

Know your rights

It is essential to know the legal parameters in case you fail to pay back a loan as a failure does not mean that you have lost all your rights. The lender of the loan has to issue the failed business a notice before taking any steps like selling off assets. In case your assets are sold off, the lender is bound to refund the amount realised after recovering their dues. The lender is also bound by a code of commitment to the borrower and cannot violate the general terms of decency and civil behaviour.

Acknowledging the failure

It is important to accept the failed business loan so that you can live with it without feeling ashamed. This will also help in overcoming the negative comments and criticisms that will be heading your way. Seek the support of family and friends who can help you overcome the situation and provide their perspectives about the scenario. These views will also help you in understanding what went wrong. There can also be people who have overcome similar situations and can provide valuable advice to overcome the situation.

Reflect on what went wrong

Finding out the wrong moves and incorrect decisions that were taken are valuable lessons for improvement with the next business. You can write out a post-mortem of the scenario that can include not only the business-related facts but also the emotional aspects of the failure. The writing can also be a cathartic act that will help you to get rid of the pains of the failed attempt. A break for a few days where you can move away from phone calls and social media can also be a good way to refresh the mind. 

Ask for support

For every entrepreneur, there can be a group of people or a network that can provide support in critical moments. Connecting with past colleagues, industry contacts, old clients and vendors will also help you to identify the next opportunities and seek the necessary introductions. Going through these channels will also ensure that you are not judged negatively because of your recent failure and reduce the chances of being rejected. If money-management is not your strength, take the help of an accountant to guide you.

Devise the right strategy

Once you have analysed the past mistakes, it is time to frame the right strategy for the future. In case you ran out of money in the previous venture or were under-capitalized, make sure that it does not happen again. If you do not have sufficient funds, you can start with a small setup and gradually progress. Taking slow but steady steps without developing the approach of following the shortcut to make quick money are the best approach. In case you faced a partnership issue, you can try heading out alone this time to avoid any conflicts. Do a SWOT analysis of your plan to gain the right overall perspective.

Re-evaluate the market

Even a great business idea is bound to fail when the right customer base is not targeted. Since a product or service is not good for everyone, identifying a specific range of customers is important when you start afresh. At the same time, you need to get rid of the ideas and products that did not work previously. The road to a profitable venture needs to be lean and free from any distracting elements that can hinder progress.


A failed business loan does not mean the end of the road and how you react to failure will determine your capability to bounce back. With the right plan and experience, you can not only make money but also learn to use the money prudently to handle the liabilities effectively. When it comes to financial support, indifi.com can offer the necessary amount of help to all kinds of small businesses in order to open up new possibilities for them.

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