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How to Attach Embroidery Patch to Clothes

by Naveen Agarwal
embroidery patch to your outfit.

For a style enthusiast, it is hard to continue wearing the same old outfit again and again. Well, such people often find a way to recreate their old-fashioned outfits to keep up with style. Attaching patches on clothing is an all-time favorite activity to add beauty and charm. Patches come in a variety, and you cannot ignore their importance at all. 

Also, there is no need to be an expert to find how you can attach an embroidery patch to clothes. Everyone can easily fix a patch with glue, heat, or sewing. It all depends on your preferences. Don’t worry about them falling off your patch; if it is fixed properly, you will have it longer on your clothing. Try different patches on your outfit to enhance its life, and you will also get a chance to showcase your personality type. 

Patches are available everywhere, and you can use them on your jackets, hats, shirts, jeans, or even knickers.

So, basically, the thing is how you attach a custom embroidery patch to your outfit. Let’s find it out! 

How to Attach Embroidery Patches to Clothes? 

Embroidery patches usually get fixed by sewing. You can sew a patch either by hand sewing or by a machine. Both ways let you enjoy the permanence of your patch. Besides, heating a patch and using glue to fix the garment are other valuable ways. However, setting with iron-on or glue is not much recommended for long-term use. 

Though ironing a patch is more convenient than sewing, it does not have a long-lasting effect, here are some more tips you can follow for ironing on patches. For short-term use, you can fix a patch with glue as well. But it never gets you free from the fear of falling off your favorite patch anytime, anywhere.

However, you can boost a patch’s life on the garment by using the iron-on method to fix the patch and then sewing it. It will give you complete freedom to use the garment the way you like. 

Let’s start with our methods of attaching your favorite patches. 

Fixing an Embroidery Patch with Glue

Your glue must be of high quality; otherwise, you will always have to face issues. Your patch may fall off easily, and you will not even get to know. Make sure the glue has a strong bonding to fix your patch. Even after washing the clothes, you need to find out if the patch is still there. 

Grab a high-quality casual patch for your shirt, and make it look outstanding. Follow the steps given below to fix a patch to any clothing. 

  1. Find the perfect place where you want to attach the patch. Don’t worry if you attach the patch to an indecent place; you can remove it easily to re-fix. 
  2. Place the cloth on an even surface, better it is on the ground or a table. 
  3. Apply some glue according to your patch’s size on the clothing area where you want to attach it. Try using the glue carefully, or you can make everything messy. 
  4. Let it sit for at least 2-5 minutes on the clothing for evaporation. It will become a super sticky paste for patch fixing. 
  5. Be careful while placing the patch on the glue. While placing, you need to squeeze it well to attach it.
  6. Your patch will attach instantly with your garment. After application of the glue, you don’t need to wash it before 24 hours. However, your outfit is all set to wear. 

Fixing an Embroidery Patch with Iron-On

To fix a patch using the iron-on method, your patch must have a backing sheet on the backside to get attached.

Ironing a patch works only if you do it the right way. You surely want your patch to stay longer on the garment even after washing it often. Though it is one of the quickest ways to fix the patch, you need to use the right tactics for the best results.

Keep in mind that the Iron-on method is not suitable for all kinds of fabrics or patches. Before applying heat to any cloth or patch, you need to determine whether the fabric material can bear the heat. Fabrics that can work best with heating include cotton, jeans, denim, etc. You also need to understand whether the material is light or heavy. 

Don’t neglect these simple things before applying iron-on patches to any cloth.   

Follow the steps given below to attach a patch using the iron-on method. 

  1. Place the clothing on your iron stand. You need a towel to cover the clothing. 
  2. As you know, where to attach the patch, be careful while placing it. Make sure the sticky part is placed on correctly.
  3. Set the iron to the maximum temperature for a few seconds and rewind it to the medium level temperature.  
  4. Place the towel on the patch carefully, so it does not change the position. Your fabric will work best with the patch if both are compatible enough. 
  5. Press and hold the iron on the towel for at least 15 to 20 seconds. Don’t overlook the position of your patch, as it may look awkward if placed off beam. 
  6. Now, wait for a second and remove the towel from the patch. Check the patch if it gets fixed with the clothing or not. 
  7. Tap around the edges slowly while checking it. You will see if the patch is fixed or not. If the patch is not attached properly, you can repeat the ironing procedure once again.

All set! Your embroidery patch is set on the outfit, and you are ready to go. 

Fixing an Embroidery Patch with Sewing 

You can sew a patch by hand or even with a machine. If you don’t have a machine, you can sew with your hands. For this, you may need:

Sew-on Patch 



  1. You need to find a matching thread with your patch’s edge color. If you don’t have a matching thread, choose a darker color thread. 
  2. Make sure the patch is appropriately placed because it can stick in the wrong position.
  3. To fix it in the right place, you can use a safety pin to fix the patch on the clothing temporarily. Well, it is the best way to fix the patch correctly. 
  4. Start sewing the patch with a needle and complete the entire patch carefully. Avoid stretches on the patch or clothing. 
  5. Tie a knot on the thread after completing the sewing. 

This is it! Get set ready and enjoy your patches!

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