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How to connect Keyboard to Samsung Tablet

by James Vinse
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When it comes to writing, everyone has their own ‘style’ preferences. Some type on smartphones, while other types on Laptops. As long as we’re like Ninja’s behind a keyboard, all the methods work the same way. 

Now turning to the issue in hand…

Since Samsung devices are still rocking the good old fashion on-screen keywords, can we use an external keyboard with them? Especially with the Tablet lineup? 

Surprisingly, there are plenty of ways that you can follow to do this. You can use wireless keyboards, you can use USB-C keyboards, even you can attach your old Type-A port keyboard with your tablet Here’s how this all works. 

Connect Wireless Keyboard to Samsung Tablet

This is one of the easiest methods. But duely note that wireless keyboard costs a bit high compared to regular wired keyboards. If you have one, here’s how you can attach one. 

  1. Power on the Keyboard: Most wireless keyboards have a power button at one corner or another. Find it and turn it on. Depending on the keyboard you have, it will automatically start the pairing process. 
  2. Open Bluetooth: Go to your device Settings>Bluetooth and try to find the keyboard Bluetooth key. 
  3. Start Pairing: Tap on the keyboard icon and start the pairing process. You won’t have to enter the Pass Key as it’s a one-way connection device. 
  4. Start Typing: Voila! Once you make the connection, you’re good to go. 

Note: Make sure that your wireless keyboard is well-charged before you use it.

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Connect Standard Keyboard to Samsung Tablet via USB-C

USB Type-C is becoming like the gold standard of most every-day gadgets. Since this is a universal port, and much faster than the conventional Type-A port, It’s almost available in every device. 

A lot of Keyboard comes with a USB-C port as well. And in our case, all the 4th gen Samsung Tablets uses a USB-C port. Don’t worry if you have an older device as there are keyboards available with a Micro-USB port as well. But not all of them work with the tablets. So, always check the manufacturer’s site before you make the purchase. 

Here’s how you can connect the Micro USB or USB-C port to Samsung Tablet:

  1. Connect the Keyboard: Plug the USB port into your Samsung tablet. If you’re using a third-party keyboard cover, just mount the tablet onto the connection layout. 
  2. Enjoy Typing: That’s it! You just have to connect the plug and it will automatically detect the device. 

Connect Standard Keyboard to Samsung Tablet via USB-Hub

A USB Hub or Dock can be also used to pair a keyboard with Tablet. Not only this, a hub can be used to pair multiple keyboards as well as a mouse. 

But since tablets won’t allow multi-lingual keyboard support, the 2-way connection is not possible. Here’s how you can use a USB-Hub with a Samsung tablet. 

  1. Port Connection: Connect the Keyboard Port (USB-A) to the Hub. Now connect the Hub USB-C port to the Tablet.
  2. Start Using Keyboard: Just use your keyboard like you use with a Laptop or PC. 

Some Helpful Tips

  • You can follow the same procedure to connect a Mouse as well
  • If you want to enjoy the full scale of the keyboard, use Wireless or a Mountable Keyboard
  • You can change the Keyboard layout from your Android Settings
  • Increase the keyboard typing rate a bit for a better writing experience

My Keyboard isn’t pairing with Bluetooth, what to do?

In case your keyboard isn’t working, you have to manually add the keyboard layout. 

  • Go to Settings > Keyboard
  • Select “Language & Input”
  • Select the Manufacturer of the Keyboard and add it onto the list

My Dock isn’t recognized on Samsung Tablet, What to do?

This is a known error with some older versions of Samsung tablets. 

  • Hold the Power button and Restart your device
  • Insert the tab into the dock again
  • Manually add the language settings

Best Alternative for Samsung Tablet Keyboard?

We would say, go with a keyboard case. There are a lot of third-party manufacturers that make such devices. They are affordable and comes with RGB backlighting as well.

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