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How To Create A Grocery App Like Amazon Prime Pantry

by Devin Jones

The pandemic has left us all a bit mind-boggled. Stepping out of the house now requires too many precautions. People all over the globe have undergone the scariest experience ever in history. There has been a drastic effect on the economy along with several industries struggling to thrive.

But the sector that is still growing & flourishing is the one related to mobile applications. For instance, for preventing visits to the market, people are ordering grocery items more from applications like Amazon Prime Pantry. You must grab the chance if you are a maturing entrepreneur.

Just discuss your app idea with industry-leading mobile applications development companies & avail mobile app development services. Amidst this pandemic, offer something valuable to the world & attract your target audience.

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This blog post pens down the correct process of creating apps like Amazon Prime Pantry.

Features Necessary For Online Grocery Applications

Aiming for high-end grocery app development, calls for integrating important features for outshining any competition. Developing a stellar website is only possible when you focus on homepage, dashboard, etc. The features are mentioned as below:

  • Welcome Popup

    If you have been inquisitive enough to find how to use prime pantry, you will know how a welcome popup welcomes the users. It first asks the users to choose the city they belong from. By this you can serve people from a particular locality. The expert developers forwarding mobile app development services also include information on customer care in the popup. Users can find this very convenient for putting forward queries.

  • Slider Banner

    Educating yourself with how does prime pantry work will help you learn the intricacies of the app. Amazon Prime Pantry very tactfully conveys all the core benefits to website visitors instantly. By this, the app actually wins the jackpot as it presents an eye-catching slider banner. This banner comes with special offers, tempting deals, and a central message. This is the space where most users decide whether they want to move forward or not.

  • Search

    People find it extremely opportune when it comes to ordering groceries on Amazon. The app not just includes manifold products listed but also searching each product involves a hassle-free manner. This is a highly vital aspect of Amazon prime pantry how does it work. Along with appealing auto suggest attributes, your application must possess the functionality of toting up foodstuffs to the cart from the search listing & with a single click. Users due to this will no longer need to reach to the product page again and again. This is a feature worth adding to all grocery store apps.

  • Sign-Up Page 
  • The Amazon pantry box in today’s time is gaining much popularity because of its ease of use. Trouble-free sign up pages will always attract customers. So when you hire the mobile app development services, ensure that the developer designs a short & crisp Create Account section. It must ask only for basic information such as mobile number, password, email, pincode, etc. Several ecommerce websites even ask for delivery addresses right at the beginning. But it is advisable to ask for these later on. Also, there must be options for registering through social networks.

Business & Revenue Model

The sole reason for the popularity of the Prime Pantry app is convenience. Such online grocery shops are based on a lean business & revenue model that depends on an amalgamation of cash and carry & warehousing. If you adopt this grocery store business model for constructing your app, you will need to depend less on operations that are capital intensive. You can then make your app a part of an efficacious supply chain. However, you must discuss the model while availing mobile app development services with professional designers & developers.

The model includes:

  1. Sign in
  2. Choose products for purchasing
  3. Adding products to the cart
  4. Confirming order
  5. Offering shipping address
  6. Making payments


  1. Lists grocery products on website
  2. Receives the order & payment
  3. Manages inventory & communicates the customer orders
  4. Earnings from portal = Payment attained from buyer – Amount disbursed to Seller who are farmers and manufacturers
  5. Buy grocery products directly from farmers and manufacturers at Collection Centers

SELLER (Farmers And Manufacturers)

  1. Sell grocery products
  2. Collection center of online grocery store
  3. Grocery transportation to warehouse
  4. Warehouse of the online grocery store
  5. Meet the orders of each customer

Cost Breakdown

Proper grocery app development for becoming a sensation like Amazon prime pantry requires prior planning. Especially, evaluating the cost breakdown is important which depends on aspects like complexity, chosen platform, mobile app development services etc. Approximately, if you ask how much does it cost to build a grocery store, it will be around $11,000 to $35,000 for a sole platform.

A cross delivery prime pantry app will cost higher than the single platform one. It will add more features that will attract a larger audience. The cost of development will be around $60,000. You can always stay ahead of any competition if you carry in-depth knowledge on the app development process.

Parting Thoughts

We need good quality food to sustain longer. When you make this available to everyone online, imagine how convenient it will be for them to just order from their home. Grocery store app development can seem daunting at first with competitions like Amazon prime pantry. But with sound mobile app development services, you can create your own app & may be even a better one. The industry leaders were also novices at one point of time. Irrespective of how naïve you are, we will channel your app to nothing but success. Get in touch with us for free quotes today.

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