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How to Free Up Storage Space on Your Mac

by Naveen Agarwal

Is your Macbook storage running out? Are you tired of trying to find quick ways to free up space?

Mac computers continue to reign in popularity. There are over 100 million Macs in use. But when their storage space can start to fill, it can be frustrating.

For many, it is hard to know what to remove. You may feel like you cannot delete any more computer files or think there is no hope left. Do not fear; we have you covered.

Read on to learn some ways you can free up Macbook storage.

Uninstall Applications

Do you have any applications you do not use? You can go to About this Mac and click storage. Then click on the storage management tab to view applications.

Sort them by size order and delete any you do not use or what are now unsupported applications. You can free up a lot of space doing this!

Optimize Storage Settings

Under Macbook storage settings, you can find storage solutions that free up space. For example, you can optimize storage. This removes TV shows, movies, and attachments you have already viewed.

There is also the option to automatically delete items in the trash that have been there for 30 days.

Delete Files

You can also reduce clutter by deleting files you do not need. You can do this under the storage setting or simply by going onto Finder. The Downloads folder is a common folder that can build up with unnecessary files.

Manage Macbook Photo Libraries

If you have multiple libraries on your Macbook, you will have less storage space. You can merge libraries to free up space and organize. You may have duplicate photos in multiple libraries, which is easier to manage if they are combined.

Utilize iCloud Storage

Have you checked your iCloud settings? You can store computer files, photos, and messages on iCloud instead to free up space. Only space-saving photos recently opened files and messages will stay on the Mac.

If your iCloud is also full, review the settings. There may be applications syncing or backing up to iCloud, which are unnecessary. There are also storage plans you can buy to increase storage space.

Use Other Storage Solutions

If you free up space, but there is not much storage space available, consider other solutions. You can use a third-party platform to store extra files, such as Google documents. Some people opt for an external hard drive as extra Macbook storage.

Control Your Storage Space

There is nothing more frustrating than running out of storage space. Do not leave it until you have something important to save! These tips will help you free up space efficiently.

Once you understand your storage space, it is time to maintain it. Make sure you review Macbook files and settings frequently. You can even use programs to check storage space on one platform if you want more convenience.

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