Background Check In Australia

Background checks in Australia are generally done for various purposes. They can be done to ensure that a person is eligible for a certain position, or to check whether they have any criminal records or not.

What Is A Background Check?

When you apply for a job or volunteer position, the employer or organization will often run a background check on you. In most cases, this is perfectly legal and appropriate. However, there are some situations when an employer might not be allowed to run a background check on you.

It’s important to know what information is included in a background check and how it can affect your future employment opportunities.

What Is Included in a Background Check?

A background check usually includes public record information such as criminal records and civil lawsuits filed against you. If you have ever been arrested or convicted of a crime, this would be included in your report as well.

Your report may also include driving records and history, including any tickets or accidents that occurred while operating a motor vehicle.

Anything else that might be relevant to the position being applied for could also be included in the report if it is deemed necessary by the hiring manager or human resources department of the company where you wish to work.

How To Do A Background Check In Australia

A background check is a report of someone’s criminal record, credit history and/or other public records. These reports are often used by employers when hiring new employees, landlords when renting homes or apartments, and most importantly, anyone who wants to know whether or not someone is trustworthy.

Background checks can range from basic criminal background checks that only look at criminal records in one state to more comprehensive ones that include information from all states as well as federal records.

There are several different ways you can get a background check in Australia. Here are some of the most popular methods:

  • Online: Most companies offer online ordering for their services, which makes things very convenient for customers who have busy schedules. You can simply log onto their website, order your report online, pay with your credit card, and then wait for it to arrive in the mail within a few days.
  • By Phone: Many companies also provide phone-based customer service so if you prefer speaking with someone rather than communicating through email or online chat this is another option for you. You can call them directly and place an order over the phone; they’ll take care of everything else so there’s nothing left for you to do but wait for the results!

The Different Types Of Checks Available

There are many types of checks that can be conducted on an individual, but most of these checks fall under one of two categories: criminal history and credit history. Criminal history refers to any offenses that an individual may have been arrested for, while credit history refers to any debts they’ve incurred over the years.

Criminal records include felonies and misdemeanors, while credit reports include bankruptcies and other financial obligations that haven’t been paid off. You can request either type of report through third-party agencies or directly from the government agency responsible for maintaining them (usually local police departments or courthouses).

A criminal record check is a search of publicly accessible records that may contain information about your criminal history. This can be done for employment, immigration or other purposes. There are three types of checks available:

1. Standard Criminal Record Check

This check is available from the State Records Authority or equivalent. It will show all convictions, charges and police intelligence information held on you by police in Western Australia. You can apply for this type of check yourself by visiting the WA Police website or calling 13 14 44.

2. Standard National Criminal Record Check

This is similar to a standard criminal record check, but it also includes any convictions and charges from other states and territories around Australia. This type of check is only available through the Australian Federal Police (AFP) website or by calling 13 12 32.

3. Enhanced National Criminal Record Check (NAT100)

An enhanced national criminal record check will show all convictions and charges held against you in all states and territories around Australia, as well as any outstanding warrants issued against you nationally. If there are no convictions or charges held on file against you then nothing will show up on this search either.


Getting a basic background check in Australia is simpler than you might believe. It’s a simple matter of making your request and ultimately tracking it down. You can go online or call the necessary phone numbers, with little to no fuss involved. The whole process should take less than a couple of hours, and you can have an answer as to whether you’ve been approved or denied as soon as tomorrow.