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How to Grow Your E-Commerce Business Using Facebook?

by James Vinse
How to Grow Your E-Commerce Business Using Facebook

Facebook is a popular social media platform. Luckily, it is not just for social media interaction but can be used for internet marketing services to grow your business.

We all know that the ultimate goal of business is to sell goods or services. So, whether it is through a website or a Facebook page, it really doesn’t matter. All that matters is selling your product in a cost-effective way.

Facebook has become a viable platform to sell products. According to Facebook data in 2018, it has more than 23 billion users. Just think about how many potential customers would be there.

Of course, you would need sales expertise and technical knowledge to do the leg work.

Here are some pointers for newcomers who are looking for ways to grow their E-commerce business using Facebook.

Identify Your Target Audience

The first and foremost step for doing online business is to know about your target audience. You should be fully aware of who needs it or wants it. Facebook has got plenty of tools to determine the age, education, language, location, and gender of your website visitors. So, you should see that data while making decisions for your business.

Create a Facebook Business Page

The next step is creating a Facebook page. Facebook page is like your E-commerce store. It should contain all the products and their details.

Creating a Facebook business page is really inexpensive and easy to accomplish as compared to setting up a real business place.

Surely, it will take some time, but it is not all in vain.  Facebook is likely to ask you a few questions about the kind of business you are going to run on it. Then, you will be able to add photos, product descriptions, and attractive videos.

After setting up the Facebook business page, you are able to communicate with your potential customers through Facebook Messenger.

Sell Your Product Directly on Facebook

Although Amazon, Alibaba, and Etsy seem more intimidating platforms to sell your products, the Facebook page is very easy to manage.

You just have to add a shop tab to your Facebook page, so customers can purchase your products directly from the Facebook page.

This is the kind of tool that lets you link business accounts, set preferences for shipping and returns, and establish payouts within seconds.

With all this, it is quite a reasonable platform to do business. With that setup, you can use Commerce Manager across Facebook and Instagram, and even Marketplace for some products.

The best bit? You can also add another platform to your Facebook as well.

Create Visual Posts

If you want to stand out in a highly competitive world of e-commerce, you need to add professional visuals that are also attractive.

It is the only way to sell your products or services on their own. Use professional photography and HD videos along with relevant content to improve your chances of selling.

In addition to good quality pictures and videos, go live, and interact with people. Promote your business through stories, new posts, and collaborations with celebrities and influencers. Add updates frequently to inform your customers.

Stick to a Posting Schedule

Facebook pages act as a business page. There are certain times when online traffic is at a peak. During these hours, you are likely to have more customers. So, it is crucial that you engage with customers and expand your market horizon during these hours.

You can post informative and entertaining content as well. But the secret thing is to commit to a schedule, so your audience gets to see the updates. Post regularly or often. Just keep a schedule.

If your posts are on time, regular, and contain real information, your audience will grow eventually. Again, Facebook insights can help you with it. just make sure to check out the stats weekly for optimizing the new strategy.

Promote Your Products

Although with business, you are always putting up things to boost sales, it would be a great sales pitch if you try to promote your new collection of products by creating a sneak peek.

These are good ways to promote your business. If people like the picture, they might go looking for more things from your website.

If you don’t have anything new at the moment, try using a sale or discount word on the post and you will generate some profit after all. If you have good quality products, they will be sold within a few minutes.

Engage with Customers

Your customers and fans will also post content on social media, and you should share that content on your stories with your audience.

This is a way to appreciate your client and promote your business. In doing so, you might interact with other people and grow your fan base.

These things will stir up buzz and could be a nice stunt by a PR campaign. Add a few giveaways and you can have an instant following. Ultimately, the more people join your page, the more are your chances to boost sales.

Run Facebook Ads

By now, you must have seen plenty of Facebook ads on the platform. Well, they sure draw your attention instantly while you are browsing through your timeline. They are paid but they have proven to be very effective.

According to a survey, there has been 96% success in business after using these ads. These ads are specifically shown to people who share similar interests. There is a special pixel account on Facebook that is used for Facebook ads.

Monitor Ads

Facebook ads cost you money so you would want to know where your money is going by monitoring your ads. You would want to make sure these ads are doing their job of bringing in paying customers not just window shoppers. Monitoring ad performance is critical to any e-commerce business.

Link Shopify and Facebook Together

Shopify is another popular e-commerce platform. It goes really well with Facebook and controls the customer process and user experience. Shopify manages everything from payments to secure checkout, marketing & shipping.

Here is the list of some best shipping app for shopify:

1. AfterShip Order Tracking

2 ShippingEasy

3 Shipping Rates Calculator Plus

4 Shippo

There you have them. For more questions or to drop your feedback, feel free to drop your comment below. We would love to hear back!

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