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How to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign

by Naveen Agarwal
How to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign
Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to bring new customers to your business. It’s not as simple as creating any old email list and blasting out overly-promotional content every day, though. To see real results, you must focus on the quality of both the receivers and the contents. If your email marketing campaign isn’t working as much as you would like, here are the ways to improve it.

Choose the Right Sending Time

No matter how catchy or how well written your email is, if you are sending it at the wrong time, you lose potential readers. Play around with different times until you find the one that generates the most clicks. You will most likely find the most success during the morning or lunch hours, with 10pm on a Friday not bringing in as many. Once you have found your perfect sending time, try to keep it reasonably consistent. You must also avoid sending out too many, as it will come off as overly-promotional and annoy the receivers, which is the opposite of what you are aiming for.

Clean Up Your Email List

If you have built up a long email list without cleaning it up even once, then now is the time to do so. Imagine it like an untidy workspace – you don’t want too much mess costing you both time and money. If you are interested in data cleaning, then look at leadlists.com.au/blog/what-is-data-cleaning/ to discover the benefits of data cleansing for your business.

Grab Them with the Subject Line

When people receive emails, they usually glance over the subject line before reading on or taking their attention elsewhere. Of course, you are aiming for the former, which means your subject line should be catchy enough to gain their interest. Remember, many people on your email list have busy lives and an over-crowded inbox. To create a catchy subject line, try to keep it short while using an open-ended question. Write out a few before you choose one – you’ll probably find improvements during your rewrites.

Tailor it to Your Audience

To create the best email marketing campaign possible, you must tailor the content to your specific audience. This means knowing who they are, what they are interested in, and what products they tend to buy. By knowing this, you can create more personalized emails, bringing in more readers and more clicks.

Think About What You Would Like to Read

It seems obvious, but too often, businesses focus on what they want their customers to read rather than what their customers want to read. To do this, think about what emails you receive and which ones spark your interest the most. While it is tempting to include every piece of positive information about your company, your customers would much rather read something interesting, engaging, and creative. If you need inspiration, go through your ‘read’ emails, see which ones draw you in, and then take notes. The best email marketing campaigns are those that keep it snappy, know their audience, and engage the reader early on. Apply this to yours, and you’ll grow the number of clicks.

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