Increase Presales Before Your Business Launches

Presales (pre-downloads, signups, subscribers, bookings, and more) are an excellent way to drum up interest and excitement around your brand and product before your business even launches. Convincing people to buy a product that doesn’t exist yet and therefore doesn’t have any reviews or recommendations is a big ask, and yet many businesses successfully prelaunch products, services, and even events all the time.

What is their secret? Typically you will find that the most successful prelaunch campaigns are professional, clear, and concise. You want customers to know exactly what your product is, what it is useful for, and why they need it. This applies for physical products, software, services, and even new events.

Combine a great, winning campaign with these steps and you will be able to increase presales before your business even properly launches.

Use a Crowdfunding Platform People Trust

You are new to the block and customers do not know you nor do they have any reason to trust you yet. A good way to circumnavigate these issues is to use a crowdfunding platform that people trust. Not only will you find an audience of people more willing to preorder and donate to businesses like yours they also have the money-back guarantee. If your business does not follow through the money will be returned to your customers. It is a safe, effective way to protect your customers, improve your reach, and establish trust with your audience all while increasing your presales and getting your business off to the right start.

Work With the Developers to Create a Winning Campaign

Unless you are building the product in-house you will want to work with the business or agency that you have hired to either bring your product to life or to develop it from scratch. A web development agency like Scrumlaunch, for example, will cover everything you need from software development to UI/UX design to even pitch deck creation to help you presell your new software product.

Be Transparent

Another great way to encourage more presales is to bring your audience along with you throughout the process. From alpha footage of your software tool or program in development to even interviews with your staff. All of this gives a face and insight into your business. Show them something they can believe in and they will see your product concept as a tangible, valuable item that they want.

Get News Media to Write About Your Product Concept

There are so many ways that you can get news media to include your product in their publications. You can have your product included in a list, or in a press release, and have it written about by many big media titles all the way to small niche titles alike. Think small and then build. This way you can eventually get your product and business written or talked about by even the biggest media publishers in your industry.

This is a great way to increase your visibility and your reputation. If a familiar and trusted publisher writes about your brand or product then their readers will naturally trust and believe in your product more. Try to work out how you can use each mention to funnel this audience to your presale page to increase presales significantly.