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How To Increase The Speed of Mac Book Pro

by Devin Jones

A Mac is a wonderful machine, if you have had it for a few years then you know how efficient it can be. One of the best lines this world has ever seen versatile, flawless design and what not.

And it’s not just about the performance; even the security is so good that most hackers would consider it a nightmare to just get some information out of it. But even after such an incredible design and build, it doesn’t change the fact that it will continue to perform as it was.

A lot of users report slow performance but it is not the fault of the computer itself and to be honest without proper maintenance, any machine would wear down.

So in this article, I am going to share with you some simple tips on how you can speed up your Mac and keep up that performance for a long time without having to waste your time and money by going to repair shops. Have a look:

How to Increase The Speed of MacBook Pro

Close All Extra Apps
Mac book

Suppose you are working and feel that your computer is working slow even though you are not operating any kind of heavy application, then look again.

Check the dock, check every icon in there. There may be some apps which are unnecessary at the moment but are still running. Even though you are not working with them, the apps are running in the background and are consuming the memory that is available in a very limited amount.

So if you see any such app then right clicks on it and clicks on Quit.

Remove Boot Up Programs

Boot up programs are the software that are set to launch on their own even if the user has not purposely launched them. Now these programs are just like any other programs but they have been set to launch in the settings.

Users can easily change these settings but a lot of us are quite unaware about it. In settings > Users & Groups > Current User > Click on the lock and enter password to unlock the list >Uncheck the applications that you want to remove from the list of boot up programs > Click on the lock again and your new list is saved.

Boot up programs are good if you want to preload the software and have a lot of time on hand to wait.

Check Available Space in the Storage

Your hard drive is the storage place for all the data. From programs, apps to files, music, videos, etc. everything is in there. So whenever the computer needs the data it receives it from the hard drive.

A minimum of 10 to 15 GB is the recommended storage that should be kept free for the computer to perform optimally. So if you don’t have that kind of free space then make sure to transfer some files or even folder to another storage.

Get Rid of Junk Data

This can consist of any kind of files and folders that are of no use to you. Junk files have been known to slow down computers.

It can be in the form of duplicate files, folders, photos, videos, cache, cookies, media cache, logs, incomplete files, downloads, old files, apps that are of no use and what not.

So all of this can really save you a lot of space on the hard drive and can also help speed up your computer.

Get SSDs

Mac book-2

SSDs or Solid State Drives are the latest version of storage drives which are out there in the market. For a long time every computer depended on HDD or the Hard Disk Drive for storing data.

It consisted of a physical drive that can store data in tracks and sectors. But the new SSDs are capable of storing data relatively faster using semiconductor chips. The speed is quite good and this data transmission can speed up the overall performance of your computer.

So if you have any old HDDs then you can try replacing them with SSDs.

Get a Mac optimizer

Mac optimizers or Mac utility tools are some of the best tools you should get if your computer is working slowly and if you are looking to get that speed back.

They can work in multiple dimensions, make cleaning junk simpler, perform deep scans, secure your data, take care of other factors which are usually missed or not known by masses.

Basically it can give a professional maintenance check to your computer without having to call any professional to look at the situation.

Mac book-3

Smart Mac Care is one such app that can get you through almost all the performance issues your system faces.

From defending your computer against viruses, malware, enhancing performance, to performing security checks, removing traces, and whatnot. It is a powerful tool which every Mac user should have.

So these were some of the best ways in which you can get your Mac’s speed back. There are lots of mac cleaners in the market that claim to be the best disk cleaners and optimization software but even after a lot of advertisements they fail to deliver the promised effectiveness.

So choose wisely and keep your Mac healthy.

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