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How to Increase Your Engagement on YouTube

by Naveen Agarwal
How to Increase Your Engagement on YouTube

YouTube / Y2Mate is one of the largest video-sharing platforms in the world. This platform has millions of users all over the world with thousands of videos being uploaded to the platform every day. Many musicians and artists have also used this platform to grow artist career. One of the fastest ways to grow in this field is by increasing your engagement. However, many people do not know how to go about that. In this article, we will share with you a few tips to :

Increase your engagement on YouTube. 

How to Increase Engagements on YouTube

Ask Your Audience to Leave Feedback

At the starting of the video, ask your audience to comment and leave feedback in the comment section. You can also remind them to comment in the description area of the video. This simple task has worked for many, and you will be surprised how it will increase your engagements.

Reply Comments

This is another very crucial aspect of increasing engagement on this platform. You should reply to as many comments as you can. Sometimes, your visitors will reply back and even subscribe to your channel. When you reply to their comments, it makes them know that you are listening, and this gives them more reason to return to your channel when you have new content.

The more returning audience and subscribers you have, the higher your chances of increasing your video share engagements. This will help you achieve your goals and it will favor organic marketing strategy.

Ask Questions

You should ask the audience questions, as this can help increase engagement. However, you should make the question very easy for your audience to answer rather than chasing them away because it is too complex and they do not want to spend much time and effort in formulating the answer. When you ask questions and they respond, you should also reply later.

Backstory or Brand Message

You can talk about anything at the beginning of every video – it can even be your life growing up. You can split this story into different chapters as you make new videos. You can also talk about the mistakes you made growing up or in your career or the struggles you have faced or still facing. It can also be inspirational, educational, or other beneficial tips. If you have a compelling brand message, you should keep the story consistent with the message of your brand and always stay focused on it.

Highlight Questions or Comments

Highlight the questions and comments of your audience from previous videos and add them to your new video releases. With this, your audience will know that you are listening and you care.

Other Ways to Achieve Engagement Goals

Press Releases and Blog Outreach will contain hyperlinks and you can use these hyperlinks to direct traffic to a specific video on your YouTube channel. With this approach, you can reach your engagement goals much faster. You should also pay attention to your other social media promotions. You can increase engagements for your YouTube campaigns in several ways. Nevertheless, this is not a process that can be forced. You need to allow it to develop organically and mature over time.

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