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How to keep Business Data Safe and Secure

by Naveen Agarwal
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There have been many advancements in the technology sector which have created massive loopholes which are used by cybercriminals to access companies’ data and credentials. Data theft and web threats are the repercussions your business face when your security protocols get jeopardized.

Without the appropriate security protocols in place, your business is rendered vulnerable to cyberattacks. However, you can avoid these setbacks by putting data security protocols in place. You need the right data security policies in place to keep your business safe. Here are five practical measures to keep your business safe and secure.

  • Protect your passwords

It is easy for hackers to take advantage of easy to guess passwords, so stop them and protect your data, ensure you create strong passwords and store them on your password manager, and it will also make it easier for your employees to keep the different passwords that they use secure.

A robust password needs to be at least eight characters long with a combination of capitals, numbers, and other symbols. With a manager, you don’t need to remember the password. Therefore, ensure you embed non-standard characters and numbers to make your password strong. You can also change the password more frequently.

  • Run automatic software updates

Cybercriminals scan a security protocol to see the version it’s running on. Therefore, failing to run automatic software updates can jeopardize your system. In the long run, hackers take advantage of old versions by hacking into your system and accessing your credentials. Therefore, you can avoid security hitches by ensuring you set patches to help safeguard your database against potential threats.

  • Dispose of your data correctly

As a business owner, you need to have suitable measures whenever the need to dispose of data arises. Also, you need to ensure reused, and retired devices are correctly formatted. This way, companies’ data cannot fall into third-party hands.

In most cases, formatting your hard drive, reinstalling your computer’s operating system, or deleting folders doesn’t guarantee that the data is fully formatted. There are free tools that hackers can use to access your formatted hard drives and folders. Therefore, ensure you consult an IT expert to help overwrite the retired devices. This way, your data will be entirely unrecoverable. Therefore, get help from the team at Evolvtec for maximum data protection.

  • Encrypting your data

Encrypting your data is an initiative that helps lock cybercriminals away. For starters, encrypting information means only users with the required passphrase or a password can decrypt the data. With an encryption protocol, it’s a lot harder for hackers to compromise your data.

  • Educate employees on data safety and security practices

Employee negligence is a primary risk that can disrupt your companies operations. To mitigate the risk, you need to educate your employees on the best practices to keep data safe and secure. Run seminars and educate your staff on how clicking links from unverified sources can lead to data theft.


Keeping your data secure not only entails protecting your data from cybercriminals but also protecting your data in case of a breach. Therefore, you need to have a backup system in case your hard drive crashes. Above data security and privacy strategies that can help protect your data.

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