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How to Keep Employees Happy?

by Devin Jones
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Sometimes the simplest of things seem to be the hardest just like keeping employees happy. The workforce is the main driving engine of every company. The productivity, quality of work and bringing in new ideas to the table and new clients is what they do, everything depends on them and hence, keeping them happy is really necessary. The logic behind this is simple, the employees who are happy will not only be more loyal but also be more more dedicated in each work they do for the organisation.

Whatever we have told is not something new that no one knew but still, companies are not able to keep their employees happy. The same happens because of any of these two reasons, either they don’t want to or they don’t know how to. So, if the thing is that if you don’t know what to do then in this blog we will tell you the little easy to do ways to keep your employees happy. Hope these help, let’s begin!

  • Don’t Micromanage: No employee or for that matter even you would love your boss on your head all the time. This is actually the biggest mistake that companies and managers do. You need to show employees that you trust them and that you know that they can manage things assigned to them on their own. Trust us, the results will actually leave you satiated and happier.
  • Give Feedback at Regular Intervals: When you do not give feedback for whatever the employees are doing frequently then it can later become a huge problem. If you do not have time to give feedback then you surely use HR software to give feedback on the go through your mobile. However, if your current HRMS doesn’t have this, you can see this guide on buying performance software. Otherwise, at the year-end appraisal time, if the review and appraisal won’t be good, employees can get disgruntled and consider the reason as a mere excuse to not raise their pay.
  • Rewards Them When They Do Something Good: Just like a kid likes getting chocolate for whenever he does some good deed as a prize for the same, the employees also like getting appreciated and gifted something like a bonus, or tickets for two or family for a movie etc. This will boost their morale and help them stay motivated and outshine their own selves every time!
  • Don’t Ask Them to Compromise on Their Personal Life: The worst thing that you can do to an employee is not giving them the time to spend with their family and have a personal life. Make them work only on work hours and not beyond them until it is really really necessary. Otherwise, no work-life balance will always make them look for an opportunity elsewhere. Besides, if you need them beyond their work hours, pay them the overtime. You can use HR software to calculate and process the same seamlessly for you.
  • Promote Them and Make Them Learn New Things: Every employee is working currently not just for the betterment of the company but also for their  betterment. This means that they are putting in so much effort because they want to earn more and learn more. So, just like they support your endeavour, you should support their professional goals as well! Otherwise, the work will get monotonous and they will think of leaving the organization when they will see no growth or learning in your company.

Lastly, we hope you found the aforementioned points helpful, however, there is nothing better than asking your employees what they want, what they like, what they don’t and what can be done in a better way from your end. The easiest way to do this is to conduct a survey through your HR software. You should also keep a check on the insights shown by the HR software to you, they help a lot too!

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